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Lee Burke
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6/18/2017 4:35:17 PM
Heyya, what i been doing lol

5/11/2017 3:47:15 PM
Whats ppls view on busking?

5/5/2017 5:08:22 PM
Has anybody wrote a song about a weird dream they had?

3/18/2017 6:59:37 PM
Can songwriting be taught?

3/8/2017 4:00:15 PM
Distribution companies? are they worth using?

2/9/2017 11:38:06 PM
Acoustic piece in Open G tuning

2/2/2017 4:39:48 PM
Intro to Lee B


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Lee Burke

3/18/2017 6:59:37 PM

Can songwriting be taught?
I think only music theory involved in songwriting can be taught, but when it comes to lyrics and how someone else should sing, write and perform, i dont think it can be taught, i believe its a path for the individual to follow only.

what does everyone else think?

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3/18/2017 7:04:21 PM ---- Updated 3/18/2017 7:07:01 PM

I tend to agree with you, Lee. The concepts of songwriting can be taught, and perhaps anyone who learns the concepts of songwriting can write a song. But that does not mean anyone who learns the concepts of songwriting can write a great song.

LOVE the new artist pic, btw. Excellent!

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Father Time

3/18/2017 7:45:48 PM

yeah I think it's a natural talent really. You can teach the craft but that won't really suffice.

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Shoe City Sound

3/19/2017 10:39:29 AM

Love the new profile pic Lee - now you've got the guy you were being mistaken for - with a tree actually growing out of his head! And I agree with the others. You can learn the rules, but not the inspiration. That has to happen by forgetting the rules that you know sometimes. And many amazing artists write without ever having been taught by anyone else.

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birdy's eye view

3/19/2017 11:24:32 AM

There are plenty of people trying to convince us that songwriting can be learned and of course it can, but the best way to learn is over time and through experience.

The first time a 10 year old comes to you with a song he's written, you will love it and give praise, you don't want to let the kid down by pointing out that he's accidentally ripped off Puff the magic dragon or Will you love me tomorrow! You don't want to put the little guy off for good by explaining the finer technicalities of shape, form and construction or ripping it out of his hand promising to improve it for him.

When he realizes that all his songs are starting to sound the same and/or like other songs, then it's time for him to ask for help and/or criticism as part of the learning process.

Remember there's a subtle difference between being a good songwriter, and being a writer of good songs.

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Chandra Moon

3/19/2017 11:49:37 AM

For me personally I suddenly started getting songs in my head around my 50th and it hasn't stopped since. Each song is quite different in structure, timing and key. I did attend a wonderful songwriting group where we were given support and encouragement rather than "teaching" and I run a group now myself for women here in Bristol.

I think it's mainly inspiration and influence from music you've hear over the years that manifests in a song. And the biggest trigger in my case was learning African rhythms that got into my head and words attached to the beats in my brain and tunes came later. A weird business all round!!!!

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Lee Burke

3/19/2017 1:34:49 PM

Ta, just summat i found on google as i missed the old pic

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