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Veronica Lodge
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3/17/2017 10:14:01 AM
My station is the best station on IMP.


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Veronica Lodge

3/17/2017 10:14:01 AM

My station is the best station on IMP.

I'm sorry if that seems brash but I really do believe it's a class above any other station on this site. Do you other station managers listen to your stations, or is it just some sort of masturbatory exercise? I am listening to mine right now and it's laid out so beautifully, every song on it is better than anything on radio for years. I'm a Lodge. I'm accustomed to the best. I like rock. These artists all rock. I consider music one of my areas of expertise (I have several), why should I be shy about that?

Maybe this is the wrong way to get word about my station out there. Maybe running a station is a kiss up thing, but I'm told by the boys that I'm a great kisser. Anyway let me get to the point. I know you all want to date me but that will not happen unless you take the time to get to know me and one way you have of doing that is to listen to my station. See you there! PS it's much better than Betty's station..


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Father Time

3/17/2017 10:51:39 AM

Ronnie, I just want to go on record as supporting your efforts in every way. I'm listening to your station now too and I don't think it's a superlative to say that it's one of the most fabulous stations I've ever heard since this site opened. Maybe as a Lodge you do have elevated tastes, I wouldn't rule that out. It doesn't hurt of course that you included several songs that I was involved in, some of which are some of the most overlooked songs imo. I mean I try listening to a lot of stations here and it seems that some of them are conceived as a way to nod to one's artist friends or something. There is often no effort put into putting songs in a running order, some people add songs just because they're asked to. You at least take a lot of pride in what you wrought here, and I love it. Anybody who listens to yours and doesn't add a few of these great songs to their own is either insane in the membrane or dead in the ears. We all know the 2 or 3 folks who put a lot of energy into their stations and they are the most beloved indie music people of all. Anyway I hope you start a new trend here. Stations are basically the reason we exist and the reason this site will continue to thrive. Rock on Ronnie, and thanks for the great playlist.

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3/17/2017 10:57:14 AM

Well, Thank You Kindly, Ma'am. Glad to make the cut. Love, E

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Betty Cooper

3/17/2017 10:59:58 AM

Ronnie, I'm not just saying this cause you're my BFF but I love your station too. What's especially great about it is how the songs fit you, you took the time to lay your world and identity out here in songs. We girls are the future of everything and you're part of the proof. Our music, the music the artists create, the music we add on our playlists is what we are, it's our blood, our being. Support Ashley Judd for President in 2020 (I have to get that in there).

One more thing Ronnie. My station is even better than yours and you better listen at least once since I listened to yours. :)


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Archie Andrews

3/17/2017 11:04:07 AM

You girls are having all the fun, as usual. I was resisting but I want to get in on this, I'm gonna start an Archie station soon. Hey Ronnie, I really love that Gina French song on your station. Of Rapture. Holy hannah is that a tour de force. Elvis, yours was good too, strangest song I ever heard in my life but I liked it a lot.

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3/17/2017 11:17:08 AM

I want to go on record as saying you people are a bunch of freaks.

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Archie Andrews

3/17/2017 11:18:35 AM

Leave the girls alone, Raaaandy. Have you seen my abs? I could twist you up.

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3/17/2017 11:54:57 AM

I agree with Raandy. This shit is way too middle school for me. Makes me long for the days of political threads. (Not really, but please stop.)

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The Real Thing

3/17/2017 11:56:49 AM

Yes, Raandy, Archie and the girls have some powerful friends too.

One more post like that razzin' the girls and it will be clobberin' time!

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Betty Cooper

3/17/2017 11:59:47 AM

We're in high school, Larree, not middle school.

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the donald

3/17/2017 12:03:00 PM ---- Updated 3/17/2017 12:49:26 PM

This is the president , Ashley Judd is a no talent nothing wannabe. and your station is a fake one, its terrible just terrible, you'll never see your station get anywhere,. You are spreading crap news about your station and it has the most ridiculous name ever. you must be a Hillary follower, you need to get a life and new boyfriend, and you gotta stop those ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'

(edited by IMP administration - ONE WARNING ONLY)

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3/17/2017 12:09:35 PM

Now, Betty Dear,

I'm afraid this is where Ronnie exhibits more class than you...
I stuck up for you.
Am I on your station? No, not so far I'm not. I am disappointed about that,
but I'm an old guy, I'll get over it, I'm fairly certain.

Meanwhile, Veronica, whom I actually was not terribly nice to at first,
although I did make a point to be a Gentleman and Apologize,
and I am glad she accepted that apology, she, put me on her station.

And yet, I came along, said you were the prettier one,
made a point to give you a lift and even encourage
you to feel better about yourself, and not need validation
from anyone else, raved quite a bit about how pretty you are...

and even so, I am not on your station.

So, I guess that didn't matter,

and yet, Ronnie, who I was a bit of an a-hole to at first,
but then I did apologize, she puts me on her station.

That, is how she exhibited having just, plain old more class.

You're still gorgeous, I do have a weakness for the blonde ones, always have.

And yet, Ronnie is winnin' me over, I'll tell you what.

If I had a dollar for every woman I was nice to and who ignored me
like said praise was expected... gee, I'd have me some money.

Raandy just may be sore 'cause who the heck posted his records either?

What? You don't make none?

I'll produce your record for you Raandy. You bet.

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Chandra Moon

3/17/2017 12:32:27 PM

My station Over The Moon is pretty hot too

Over The Moon

I'll take a listen to yours if you'll listen to mine haha!

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Betty Cooper

3/17/2017 12:41:24 PM

I will listen for sure, Chandra, we ladies have to stick together. Especially in these Donald times.

btw that was a really nasty thing he said to Ronnie. You ought to be banned Mr. Big Man w/ Little Hands. That was un-indielike and of course unpresidential. Why don't you go terrorize people on Twitter, the pipeline does not need a woman hater.

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Two Silo Complex

3/17/2017 12:46:17 PM

Hello ladies your welcome to stop by my place and see if anything tickles your fancy or tickles anything else unmentionable.

If it does not move you its cool I've been told enough that I'm one bit short of a two bit hack enough to actually start believing it.



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Father Time

3/17/2017 12:47:24 PM

Hey Trump. Asshole. If you ever ever make a demeaning comment like that to a woman again on this site I will nuke your page to obvilion. Got it?

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3/17/2017 12:52:42 PM

Okay Bets,

you do realize, that may not actually be President Trump writing that, right?
There is that possibility.

That said, whoever that was, probably someone trying to impugn Donald,
was not very woman-friendly at all, I agree with you there.

I'm sorry, who is Ashley Judd?

Oh, right. The Mom! She was the more talented one of The Judds, I'd thought,
then again, Wynonna did kinda come into her own once she went solo,
so go figure.

Betty Dear, I love you still,

but after stickin' up for you,
you just about broke my heart not putting me on your station.

And yet, Veronica did.

That, Dear, is class. She's got it. Fair Square.

And by God, I am tired of giving praise to a woman,
doing so with a good heart, and many kinds words,

and it's treated like 'oh you're supposed to say that 'cause I'm better than you'.

I'm real tired of that.

Thank you, Veronica.
I learned something today.

I learned, sometimes, you think one thing, and then, turns out to be another.

It's okay Betty, you owe me nothing.
And I gotta be more careful with whom I give my heart to. I see that now.

I'm fine. What.

I'm just saying, it's ironic,

you I stick up for, she I give a hard time, but did then apologize.

And Betty I apologize, if my being saddened,
by the fact that I did stick up for you,

stuck up for you,
told her not to try to manipulate you,

and she still shows me more respect than you have,

it ain't the end of the world. You live, you learn.

That's the deal. You live, you learn. And I pay attention.

Veronica, I'm siding with you this time,

yep, yours is the best.

And, it Works. heh.

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Betty Cooper

3/17/2017 12:56:20 PM


I try to put songs on my station that fit me right, I take a lot of pride in my efforts. I will take a look at your page and get back to you, I hope that's ok?

I try to be respectful to everybody.

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3/17/2017 12:58:14 PM

Father Time,

in the event that actually is who it says it is,

well I can't blame you, and Judos Kudos.

It may be though, that this, whom you just yelled at,
is not, who they say they are.

As for what the motivation for such imposter antics, may be,
that is probably open for interpretation....

Anyway, you are right to yell at whoever it is,
because that was way out of line. Good lookin' out.

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3/17/2017 1:00:12 PM

Bets, you owe me nothing whatsoever Sweetheart,

and I apologize for having the fallibility which is not only 'human emotions'
but the emotions of a human who is an Artist, a Hard Working Artist at that,

and letting them get the better of me.
For in that moment, I lacked class. Sorry Hon.

But I was, I'll say it, moved, and educated, by Veronica today. Plain as that.

You be good Sweetheart. It is what you do.

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Father Time

3/17/2017 1:05:01 PM

I have no reason to believe that's not Trump. After all he wakes up at 4 AM and tweets shit about Arnold on the Apprentice, the idea that he'd show up on a somewhat obscure indie site to troll and sexually harass sweet women really isn't a stretch now, is it?

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3/17/2017 1:13:24 PM

Okay, who knows... maybe it is...

you wanna know why I think it ain't?

Because Donald,

would write his name in Capital Letters. This guy, didn't. 'the donald'.

See what I mean, Boss?

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Father Time

3/17/2017 1:17:23 PM

nah, on the internet that comes off as shouting and that offends everybody, anybody with half a brain knows that. ha ha ha ha

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3/17/2017 1:55:07 PM

Scott my friend.

Not for nothin',
but when I first responded to whomever this IMP poster
known as 'the donald' is,

you in fact made a point of telling me,
and I quote, Sir,

"Damn, Lesley, leave it to you to suck up to somebody's Donald character!"

Okay, apparently, between then, and now,
you've decided that it really is him. That's fine.

As for capital letters and 'shouting' and all that,

well I see it differently to a point,
like, BEATLESEX is all caps, 'cause Lennon said so,
and John's a bigger egotist than Don could ever wanna be or hope to be.
Believe it or not.

American Lesley Jane, I just capitalize the first letters,

ELVIS LESLEY, well that's Elvis, me being my version of an Elvis,
so that's why that's big.

It's not about shouting, it's about a bigger point size.
A More Visible Marquee, That's why I do it like that anyway.

The Complete Dicks, also, not all caps.

But the songs?

You know why I adopted that practice?

I saw someone else doing it.

A kid. Some kid, whose dad is her manager,
and he, made the call to put the song titles in all caps,
not sure, maybe her very name is too, never mind who, doesn't matter.

It's a bigger marquee,

and my guess is,

as far as this IMP poster calling themselves 'the donald' goes,

If it really were the President, it would at least be 'The Donald',
if not, THE DONALD.

'Cause maybe he's right up there with Lennon, and wants all caps,
and maybe he would not give a f--- about 'shouting'...
he has not, in the past, shouts when he feels like it,

do you disagree? That he has no problem shouting?

I spoke to 'the donald' giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Based on what this person said here today in this post,
or was it the other one? yes, it was this one...

I think Don would kind of know better, is my hunch.

You can think it is him. I now suspect it is not.
Funny how that switched, since it was me saying hi to him
and you telling me it was somebody's 'Donald Character' or whatever,
I just quoted it, by finding it, and copy and paste.

I'm American Lesley Jane,
and categorically, my place and position has been,
to support the President of the United States.

That said, I fight for our freedom,
the same freedom, that lets you say, what you want to.

I will die to protect your freedom,
and if it came down to it, I would take a bullet for Don.

I really doubt, this character as you initially called him, is actually Donald.

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Father Time

3/17/2017 2:17:58 PM

Sheesh, I'm not going to engage any further in this argument. Seems like a silly one to me. I'd only take a bullet for Donald if I could catch it and speed it up. :D

I'd take a bullet for Captain Confusion though. or maybe Old Man Warner though he'd probably die from the sound of the shot, he's that close to going. haha

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3/17/2017 2:22:49 PM


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3/17/2017 2:24:02 PM

and yet another thread hijacked by argument not pertaining to the subject...

why does this stuff keep happening?

Yeah I would hope you'd take a bullet for Old Man Warner. Duh.

Respect your elders. Always good practice. Sir.

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Old Man Warner

3/17/2017 2:51:57 PM

Nobody should take a bullet for me. I've got 2 feet in that hole in the ground already. The only reason I'm still breathin' is cause I need to go to the bathroom before I keel over.

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3/17/2017 2:53:47 PM

Aw Old Man Warner,

we'd all take a bullet for you, it's a Given.

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3/18/2017 1:35:48 PM

Veronica, I am sincerely gaining a new respect for you, Dear.

For you know, what I apparently am still learning, but just about have by now.

No one gives you Permission to be The Best.
You just go and Do It. Thanks, Ronnie. Very much appreciated.
Well you helped me to this epiphany. And you're quite beautiful indeed.
Not in the 'good girl' way that Betty is, more in the 'bad girl' way,
and say what you will anybody, but everyone has probably heard
the expression 'good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go Everywhere.'

Okay, my universe is pulling me back to it now... see ya Hon... x

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Veronica Lodge

3/18/2017 1:42:39 PM


Most of that which you just said was nice, not all, but most.

The question I have is, is there any chance in a million years you'd actually listen to my station because that's really more what this thread was started for than anything else?

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WWMM Michael

3/19/2017 4:31:48 PM

Hi Veronica, I'll take a listen to your station. I'm new here; one of the many MonaLisa Twins fans. At 37 songs, my station is still under construction and I want to get to 50 songs and then re-analyze. I am always looking for good artists and great songs to add. How many songs on your station and what is the name of it, please? Are you related to John Lodge, the bassist for The Moody Blues, or perhaps Henry Cabot Lodge? (PS: Don't worry about me asking you out as I'm 66 and happily married for 35 years!) (2nd PS: This should make Scott happy as he has been "begging" us at Intergalactic to do the Pipeline thing.) ;-) Michael

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Veronica Lodge

3/19/2017 4:40:14 PM

My station is called Veronica and I link to it on the top post. Also Betty links to her station too, that's very good also.

Welcome to the pipeline, you seem like a fun person, you'll have fun here if you stay out of the middle of fights between Lesley and Larree!

I never counted my songs, I think there are around 20.

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3/19/2017 5:15:28 PM

hey Michael, welcome to the pipeline! This is the place where a lot of stuff happens. Make yourself at home, chime in on anything you want or if you got an idea for a topic, don't hesitate!

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WWMM Michael

3/19/2017 5:25:59 PM

Thanks for your quick reply Veronica! You are right; I am a fungi; just ask Evie! ;-)You seem like a lovely and fun person too. And yes, I have no trouble seeing why the boys want to date you! I'm a child of the 50's and 60's, so I am a lover and not a fighter. Nonetheless I don't mind "mixing it up" in good fun, but if it turns nasty or malicious I would delete my replies and take my leave.

Be forewarned however that as a Nebraska Cornhusker I am also fairly competitive. I want to win "Rookie-of-the-Year 2017 Golden Kayak Best Station" if there was such a thing!

My photo that somehow showed up is of the MonaLisa Twins "FanMailFriday" gifts I sent them last autumn. You'll see that my station "Groovy and 60's Style" begins with as many of their songs as Scott has put on there. Following them is DeMonicka and I need to find 2 more of her songs to match the number for MLT ASAP. I still have to figure out how to put a photo there; LOL!

I look forward to listening to "Veronica" and mining for great songs I can borrow! Later; I gotta shut down the Web and FB and go fill out tax forms. Very nice to "meet" you dear! (PS: If you go to my station you'll see I am a lover of the blurb. Evie taught me that word and concept and I fully embraced it!)

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