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11/17/2019 1:30:47 PM
True Opera....

11/13/2019 11:20:21 AM
Heros in Medicine...

11/5/2019 10:27:25 AM
No Refund For Me

10/28/2019 11:41:43 AM
Edna & the Priest..

10/27/2019 2:33:11 PM
Town Center Drive

8/19/2019 12:20:11 PM
Now topping the charts.., Alexa has a drinking problem..

8/7/2019 12:21:18 PM
Edna's $4000 refund --- Another great release by Kitbago.

7/28/2019 4:20:02 PM
The work on par with Beethoven's 9th Symphony has just been created..

6/24/2019 4:53:27 PM
I have a idea for a new genre..

11/18/2018 1:36:19 PM
John Prine - "Lake Marie"

10/19/2018 8:53:11 AM
Go-fund-me page for Rod Underhill family..

10/4/2018 9:10:44 AM
The Brian Banks story..

10/3/2018 2:13:38 PM
Judge Judy on spotting a liar...

7/30/2018 12:07:54 PM
Take me back..


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10/28/2019 11:41:43 AM

Edna & the Priest..

Another Classic from Kitbago..

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10/28/2019 11:55:45 AM

One of the positive reviews for the above video and a good why we need more scambaiters in this world..

9 months ago

"I work as a family physician and one of my patients, that is an old lady and has demetia, got scammed out of $20 000 CAD. She can no longer afford her bills for assisted care. Keep wasting these monsters time please. What you do has real life impact. Thanks budd"

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10/31/2019 9:28:24 AM

Over 5 hours of wasting the time of a scammer.., no one does it better than Kitbago.


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