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American Lesley Jane
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5/25/2017 7:12:07 PM
this, is something incredible, and if I didn't tell you, you might never ever even know.

5/15/2017 9:29:14 AM
Now This Here, is the Classic Summer Song of Summer Songs... originally Beach Boys...

5/12/2017 12:26:00 PM
an unlikely Summer Anthem...

5/9/2017 8:34:18 PM
Jilliane... yoohoo...

5/8/2017 8:30:27 AM
"Flint, Michigan" by American Lesley Jane

5/6/2017 11:16:13 AM

5/5/2017 10:23:56 AM
Theme From SANDMAN

5/5/2017 10:19:33 AM
The Universe Next Door

5/3/2017 11:17:03 AM
Keep Myself To Myself

5/2/2017 7:48:32 AM
Hey, my other post here, has a really wide photo, don't open it if you don't wanna see it!

5/2/2017 7:47:17 AM
Anybody Need CRAZY Lessons? Gotcha Covered...

4/24/2017 12:53:14 PM
Hi There. I'm Anyone I Want To Be. That's pretty much me being me.

4/9/2017 3:39:13 PM
Unknown Me

2/28/2017 1:40:48 PM
Here's How YOU Can Be A Rock Star.... (details within)...

2/25/2017 12:55:51 PM
Outrageous Content Thread; this could get offensive, I don't know... I'll start it simple...

2/24/2017 6:42:23 AM
Sun Records

1/1/2017 10:04:23 AM
Is Being Asked Not To Speak About Something "Free Speech"?

1/1/2017 9:32:09 AM

12/27/2016 10:54:55 AM
We just lost Carrie Fisher.

12/19/2016 8:12:15 AM
An Early Christmas Present For Everyone At Indie Music People.com

12/17/2016 10:47:24 AM
New From LEGO, What America Is Getting For Christmas...

12/16/2016 9:04:50 AM
UPDATE: Autoplayer removed from pipeline, Go Hear BEATLESEX's Phenom New ALBUM.

11/12/2016 6:07:17 AM

11/10/2016 5:54:08 AM
Well, I'll say it. Congratulations President Trump.

11/2/2016 12:45:05 PM
Good Party Tune

10/21/2016 8:33:12 AM
How To Make IMP Even More Of A Popular Destination For LISTENERS.

10/9/2016 10:12:34 AM
It's a matter of balance.

9/30/2016 10:14:47 AM

9/30/2016 10:11:14 AM
Okay, then as long as this nonsense is going on...

9/30/2016 10:10:09 AM
Okay, have it your way.

9/30/2016 10:05:47 AM
I was telling people where I went. It wasn't about pushing bandcamp, Scott.

9/30/2016 10:03:46 AM
So what, no more Ticking Clock?

9/30/2016 10:02:31 AM
Are you telling me, I am not allowed Freedom of Speech Here?

9/30/2016 7:51:03 AM
Miss Me?

9/17/2016 6:32:12 AM

9/8/2016 9:08:52 AM
LYRICS, and the two types of people who don't bother posting them....

8/13/2016 10:50:35 AM
A Word About The Presidency, From The 46th President Of The United States.

8/13/2016 12:02:17 AM
This Is Political Humor. That Doesn't Mean It Isn't TRUE. Because it is. Read At Own Risk.

7/31/2016 2:13:04 PM

7/4/2016 8:39:08 AM

6/29/2016 8:14:23 AM
Here's The Song I Wrote With The One And Only LESLEY GORE ----- "UNTIL YOU"

6/26/2016 8:53:03 AM
Uh, there's a very new very good record me and the boys just made....

5/8/2016 5:53:35 AM
I'd Like You All To Meet My Son, Pablo Naydon...

5/5/2016 2:02:13 PM
Lesley Gore's Protege. That would be me.

4/29/2016 2:41:25 PM
When Fantasy Meets Reality: CG Cregg of "The West Wing" meets Alison Janney at White House.

3/29/2016 12:51:46 PM
Fly To Heaven, Patty Duke

3/18/2016 1:02:52 PM
"Comfort Zone"

3/17/2016 7:47:56 AM
Happy Saint Patrick's Day From The Boys And I...

3/15/2016 3:26:06 AM
"It Takes The Cake"

3/15/2016 2:58:13 AM
"On A Wave Of Bigots Rides Donald Trump" by American Lesley Jane

3/11/2016 5:51:48 AM
Warning: This Thread May Contain Stuff That'll Offend You, Play It Safe, Don't Read It.

3/1/2016 7:05:04 AM
Ladies & Gentlemen, Six Ducks And A Rat...

1/16/2016 8:15:29 AM
"I'll Live To Cry Myself To Death Another Day"

1/10/2016 11:46:18 AM
Inter-Office Memo To Lyin' Dan

12/21/2015 10:22:26 AM
Tropical Christmas

12/12/2015 7:34:23 AM

12/9/2015 12:16:40 PM
Mercury Rising

12/8/2015 9:35:28 AM
I'm still standing said John Lennon.

11/30/2015 7:47:02 AM
Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd like you all to Meet Mistress Of Sound.

11/26/2015 3:11:12 AM
Grodd Rocks

11/21/2015 7:21:44 AM
This Seriously Is The Best Indie Place In The World. Welcome To Indie Music People.

11/15/2015 11:34:35 AM
The Indie Music People' HOW TO Post a Link on The IMP Pipeline' post

11/13/2015 10:03:55 AM
Okay. I ask: Is This Or Is This Not An Artist Forum, Where we're Free To Speak Freely?


Basic (free) Member


American Lesley Jane

5/9/2017 8:34:18 PM

Jilliane... yoohoo...
Hi Jillianne.

Was it something I said?

I don't get a ton of plays either, Jill.

Matter of fact, I frankly stopped looking, months ago.

Would you like help making records?
Jillianne, I would be happy to help you make records.
You're terribly prolific, you turn stuff out, pretty fast. And that's me saying that...
but, perhaps it gets a chore doing it by yourself,

so, Jill, I will help you, if you like.

Did it hurt your feelings, that my song wasn't about you?

Jill, would you like me to write a song FOR you?

Well, I imagine I could, if I knew you a bit better,
I really don't know you that well, Sweetheart,

so I presently would really not quite know what to write,

write to me, if you will,


Just, to talk,
you may not think anyone cares,

but I do care!

I sense you are a jaded soul, and you perhaps do not believe that.
But I do.

I care about everyone,
and you are a part of the IMP Family.

That's what we are here.

And I'm not kidding...

I decided long ago,
it's not about if I get any listens or not.

It's about that I do it, anyway.

So I do it, anyway.

I like what I do, till I write the next song,
and then that becomes the song I'm thinking about...

whatever, the joy is in the doing of the thing.

I would be happy to help you make records if it's all become drudgery.

I will, Jill, I wouldn't get on here, say this, and not do it.

Do you want a friend?
I will be your friend.

Now, I have reached out in the past,
and maybe your reaction is simply 'knee-jerk' as the term goes,
and you hadn't meant to even react in such a way.

I don't know what else to tell you,

if you wanted to find out, if anyone cares, yes, we care.
I care.


Write to me if you would like to write to me, Jillianne.

I understand all too well, being on the ready for the next person
to be mean, or hurtful, and I have my own back fur up, truly.

Perhaps, we can try to give all that stuff a rest,
and just, you know, talk...

unless you don't want to talk,
and you're going to come back and respond to that by being cool aloof and
even possibly mean, in which case,

I still suspect you're trapped in habitual behavior,
and you're wishing to God Almighty someone, anyone,
would call you out on it.

I'm trying to. Come out come out wherever you are, Jill.

~Lesley Jane, person.

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American Lesley Jane

5/9/2017 8:44:17 PM


of course you'd be missed, you already are missed...
two of us already have posted to you, since you closed your 'swan song' thread...

Music is who you are, Jill.
Music is Life.

I'd be happy to help you make some records, Jillianne.

I get it. It can be a drag doing it by yourself.
I realize that, and that I have it lucky,
having me mates about. I am lucky.

I am poor, but I am rich, if you get my drift.

I'm not all the rage in the world, but John reminds me,
'you might not like it so much if you were, it can get old on ya.'

and he's right...

I have friends whom I love, and whom love me, and I am very lucky for that.

Try not to lose sight of what it's all about, Sweetheart.

If you'd like a friend, I will be your friend, so dare to be one back,
and then we'll have a card game, as the saying goes.

Or, to say it simpler, then, we'll each have a new friend. I'm game if you are.



if you prefer,

and want to chance the Batcave,



Welcome To The Eye.

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5/9/2017 10:10:26 PM

Sorry, Jilly!

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Richard Scotti

5/10/2017 12:10:52 AM ---- Updated 5/10/2017 12:44:12 AM

Sorry to see you go Jilly just when we were getting to know you. Contrary to what you think, you WILL be missed. Song plays don't mean a damn thing. Music is so subjective. Like RIcky Nelson sang: "You can't please everyone, so ya just have to please yourself." But I respect your reasons for doing what you feel you have to do. I wish you well.

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