The Dorroughbys Caravan SongsGenre: Miscellaneous

An eclectic collection of demonstration tracks by the Trip Poppies. Most of these tracks were produced between March 2011 and August 2014, although a few date from as long ago as 2005. They cover a range of styles, from symphonic, through folk and psychedelic ballads, rock and R&B, right through to disco, so there's bound to be something you'll enjoy here. Several have been selected to feature on the front page of IAC. ...

All words, music and performance by Cary Kembla, except 'Cold Embraces" (lead vocals by Sonia Leeson), 'Diamonds in the Sun (vocal Owen Alexander, bass/guitar Dave Tweedie, drums Mic Crellin) 'A Beautiful Rose' (written with Andy Jans Brown, and with vocals and guitar by Andy), 'Carrie' and 'Emo Disco' (lead vocals by Andy)
Track Listing
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0Red Dancing Shoes
0Suzie (Caravan Songs version)
0We Need The Love To Flow
0Grifter On The Run HyperLink
0You And I
0The Secrets of Helline
0Just Aint Enough HyperLink
0In the Garden Of Princess Gaia HyperLink
0Knocking On Your Window HyperLink
1Best In Show HyperLink
2When You Fall
3Through the Nightcap Range
4The Planet Blues
5Hey Rose HyperLink
6Rockin' Rollin'
7Aztec Woman HyperLink
8Josephine HyperLink
9A Soldier's Lament HyperLink
10The Mystery Sea
11Ladies and Gentlemen of the Scene HyperLink
12A Beautiful Rose HyperLink
13I'd Love to Find You HyperLink
14I Want to be Free HyperLink
15Flying Blind HyperLink
16Echo in Your Mind HyperLink
17Spinning Around (caravan songs version)
18Old Wounds
20The Girl You Are
21Staking Out
22Girl on a Train HyperLink
23Romeo and Juliet
24Lost in Your Rose HyperLink
25You Don't Have to Feel This Way
26My Angel Doll
27Lovers in the Wind HyperLink
28A Dolphin in a Woman's Shape HyperLink
29Carrie HyperLink
30Goodnight to My Muse HyperLink
31Karma Love HyperLink
32Rivers in the Sky
33When You See It Through
34On Lakes
35I'm Always On HyperLink
36Storm Girl
37Emo Disco HyperLink
38She Was Only Taking Love
39Renaissance 2.0
40Cold Embraces HyperLink
41Diamonds in the Sun HyperLink
42Follow Your Heart HyperLink
43Little Ant HyperLink
Caravan Songs
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8/8/2012 12:00:00 AM
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8/8/2012 12:00:00 AM
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