What is a DMD ?
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The digital era of music has been around for awhile now, but the transition from CDs to a more modern digital product has up til now been years behind the technology of the mp3 itself. Various attempts have been made at a new, more adaptable to cyberspace means of delivering a record to consumers, but all were missing the joy that comes with buying a CD or album - the opening of the package, the discovery of the culture behind the artist or band whose music you brought into your life to make your day a little bit better. 

Millions of listeners on the internet are used to just clicking on a play button to download or stream a song. Lost in the immediacy of the maze of names, links, and buttons is the cultivation of longterm associations with the great artists out there, because as a listener, you're stuck dealing with a world that is strictly one song at a time. The disposable nature of music as its been presented on the internet up to this juncture causes the music lover to follow suit haphazardly, grabbing a song here or there for their I-pod, and then later just wiping the slate clean and loading up another batch of songs from whatever source is close at hand. Some listeners build collections, but they are not collections of full records coming precisely from the realm the artist intended, but rather a peripheral sampling of unrelated songs resulting in songlists put together out of hasty convenience. The true artists have been squeezed out of this short attention span format and the bottom line is, for the great online music scene, due to the lack of imagination of the labels and all the quickie music sites born overnight, the full length record as we once knew it is dead. Enter IndieMusicPeople.com. 

IndieMusicPeople.com's revolutionary DMD (Digital Music Delivery) is set to change the landscape for online listeners and artists both. For the first time there is a product that provides everything you once got from a CD but injects all the past magic of opening and perusing a new album into the digital product. 

Want to create a DMD?   It's simple as this:

1.  Go to the Commerce section on the left side of your page right under your songs.  Click on Add DMD.

2.  At this point you can name it, enter a picture of the cover, customize the colors of your Ultrapage (more about that below) and add credits and full liner notes.  You can also add 15 extra images that your fans will get as part of the package when they purchase your DMD.

3.  Then you pick the songs you want on your DMD.  

which will bring up this easy interface..

You add the songs you want from the left and put them in your chosen order on the right.  Then, once you check your active box, your DMD will show up on your page like this one that's currently for sale by IndieMusicPeople artist Cognitive Dissidents.

Click on the DMD there and you'll see an clear, effective buy page which artists can link their fans directly to.

Image is smaller to fit page and compressed for dialup viewers.  Click here to see at clearer resolution.

Notice that listeners can preview songs here, and there are options to only allow them to preview in lofi, or not at all.  And the buy page is not the best part.  If someone purchases your DMD, they basically enter a world of the artist's making.  They receive a special secure link and the first thing they'll see is this cover page, which includes download and streaming links, and clear instructions about the DMD format.


but then they are one click away from makes the DMD a great new way to sell and purchase music.  The presentation of this innovative digital event goes far deeper than that complimentary booklet we all like to find inside the latest CD we purchased. In fact, the whole record listening process gets a brand new dimension as the artist-customizable "Ultrapage" (which comes included with every DMD) allows you to check out the lyrics, and to view and save a large assortment of images and reading material provided to you by the artist.

This all unfolds directly in front of you on your monitor screen as you listen. IndieMusicPeople artists are given tools to serve up links to past songs, blogs, and basically, whatever extras they want to provide the listener.  A link on the top left downloads every track on the record in an easy to grab, easy to access Zip format. 

Meanwhile, the music lover who buys a DMD enters an artist-created html experience that takes the music to another level.  This is the Ultrapage.  While this is just a demo image, on the Ultrapage itself you can stream the CD, view all the extra images the artist included with their DMD in fullsize resolution, and hit onto various links the artist might provide to give you all kind of insights into the person or band making the music.  One IndieMusicPeople artist provides links to alternate versions of the songs included, one provides online games to play that relate to his DMD, the possibilities are endless!

Image is smaller to fit page and compressed for dialup viewers.  Click here to see at clearer resolution.


We've gotten some early feedback from some of the listeners about the Ultrapage, and they are exceptionally pleased with being able to listen while all this artist detail unfolds in front of them on their PC.  They can follow along with the lyrics, check out the song images, look at the auxiliary images, and read the liner notes.  Some of the outstanding IndieMusicPeople artists have injected their Ultrapage with all kinds of quality info, links and such.  It's really the first time online music has produced a product that improved upon the standard CD fare that has been dished out by the labels for years.  Imagine creating your own, all the personal touches you can add..  An artist has never been as close to the listener buying the music than can happen using the DMD format.  Here's another example of an Ultrapage that includes lyrics.

Image is smaller to fit page and compressed for dialup viewers.  Click here to see at clearer resolution.

Any IndieMusicPeople artist can create a DMD whenever they log in.  IndieMusicPeople.com intends to change the way the world interacts with artists and music on the internet, and the DMD program is a way to get your music out to the world without a huge investment of capital, and with a state-of-the-art presentation that will be exactly how you want it to be.