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The Rhythm Kings
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3/12/2020 5:04:55 PM
Taking a Break

11/5/2019 4:55:43 PM
Without You

4/27/2019 1:43:44 PM
Dirty Little Secrets

2/22/2019 6:12:11 PM

10/15/2018 8:53:32 PM
I Want To Know You By Heart

9/21/2017 9:17:44 PM
Till Hell Freezes Over

8/12/2017 2:46:16 PM
Second Wind

7/4/2017 10:16:42 AM
I Want You To Want Too

2/26/2017 8:05:21 AM
Easy Loving You

2/11/2017 1:59:42 PM
Drowning In The Desert

11/10/2016 6:27:08 PM
Voo Doo Doll

10/29/2016 2:30:48 PM

7/7/2016 4:30:45 PM
It Won't Be You

7/1/2016 8:26:29 PM
Life is Crazy Good.

6/15/2016 1:45:07 PM
Hell of a Price For A Song

4/17/2016 8:43:58 AM
The Journey


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The Rhythm Kings

2/22/2019 6:12:11 PM ---- Updated 2/22/2019 6:19:31 PM

A very simple production. Should I add a drum track? Brushes? I almost think it's done.
Be interested in your thoughts out there. Tried to make the link. Could someone send the info on how to do that again?? Been awhile.



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Alpha Omega

2/23/2019 9:03:41 PM

Bruce pulls at the heartstrings with the woeful well thought out lyrics. The lonely acoustic presentation with harmonica and bass adds another punch in the gut while your head is already reeling from the picture painted.

Should you add brushes or a drum track? Either could be done it depends what is the end presentation of how you envision for the song.

If your vision is a lonely cowboy sitting by a campfire with only his guitar shaking off the cold with a pull from a bottle of whisky now and again then stop how it is.

If your vision is for a more produced song then drum track would make the song less barren and add some dimension.

You already know in your heart what this song should sound like. You should finish how you hear it when it wakes you up at night (you know it does). When you follow this path anything is possible.

Blessings in light.
Alpha Omega

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The Rhythm Kings

2/26/2019 11:27:04 AM

Alpha Omega, Thank you for your Kind words and insight.....

I feel I shall leave it raw as it is now. Sometimes less is more.



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Richard Scotti

2/26/2019 7:52:45 PM ---- Updated 2/26/2019 8:00:48 PM

Wow, this is a great song! Should you add drums? That's a hard question. Always keep an open mind when it comes to a great song. It's great in it's simplest form but there's no reason not to experiment with different versions. Many of Dylan's songs are perfect with just guitar and voice but other productions of the same songs when other instruments are added just amplify the perfection and show different colors from the original. Dylan's songs are also very fluid like Masterpiece as he also likes to keep things loose and flowing. Sometimes added drums and percussion constrict that flow a little bit but they also add more structure. After all, you are the Rhythm King and you can do anything! A kick drum and a tambourine could never hurt a song like this. Brushes would be as cool as a cucumber as well. But please rest assured that the present version of the song does not need a damn thing but it wouldn't mind having a non-identical twin who wears a groovy hat. Did I mention the vocals and harp are amazing as well as the lyrics?


PS. I agree with Alpha Omega that only you know how the song should live it's life and the best version of the song is the version that you believe in with all your heart and heart is something you have in abundance. This is a song that clearly lives up to it's title.

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The Rhythm Kings

2/26/2019 8:53:07 PM

It's a pleasure as always Richard to hear your insights. Don always said I was his masterpiece. And in some ways he was mine. We made each other better. I miss him everyday. I played the guitar solo on my 49 Martin. I am nowhere the player Don was. especially on Acoustic. But I wanted it to be a guitar to honor him. Denny played an acoustic bass that I double miked in the sound board and sound hole. I wanted a earthy sound.
I'm going to leave it alone. Maybe revist in awhile? For now it is what it is.
I really dig your stuff too man. Maybe we can colab on something someday? I would love that.

Best Always


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The Dorroughbys

3/4/2019 10:47:08 PM

Very soulful country ballad, good concept, lyrics and structure. The vocals could have been brought up a bit more, with a bit more reverb added. I would have liked to hear the instrumental feature the harmonica rather than the acoustic guitar. I don't think it needs any percussion, the song is suited to a basic arrangement, and overall, you have that right

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The Rhythm Kings

3/6/2019 9:40:08 PM

Poppies, thanks for the Honest review! You are right I should bring the vocal up. My old ears....
I agree if I was demoing this I'd play my Harp thru the solo. But I'm not . It is a tribute to my lost friend. Nothing More or less. I bought that Old Martin from him and it just needs to be there on this take. I know I don't have Don's chops. But he was my mentor and friend. It's been 2 months now since he passed and it still seams surreal.
I still expect him to just show up,look at me with his one good eye and laugh and say.... Did Ya miss me???? Anyhow I appreciate the honesty. that's what this format is for.

Best to Ya!,


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3/21/2019 1:57:02 AM

Very nice indeed! Really good lyrics and song structure. Yes, drums would certainly beef this up a little. I like the vocals a lot. Very authentic! Much Respect! Stoneman

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