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The Rhythm Kings
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3/12/2020 5:04:55 PM
Taking a Break

11/5/2019 4:55:43 PM
Without You

4/27/2019 1:43:44 PM
Dirty Little Secrets

2/22/2019 6:12:11 PM

10/15/2018 8:53:32 PM
I Want To Know You By Heart

9/21/2017 9:17:44 PM
Till Hell Freezes Over

8/12/2017 2:46:16 PM
Second Wind

7/4/2017 10:16:42 AM
I Want You To Want Too

2/26/2017 8:05:21 AM
Easy Loving You

2/11/2017 1:59:42 PM
Drowning In The Desert

11/10/2016 6:27:08 PM
Voo Doo Doll

10/29/2016 2:30:48 PM

7/7/2016 4:30:45 PM
It Won't Be You

7/1/2016 8:26:29 PM
Life is Crazy Good.

6/15/2016 1:45:07 PM
Hell of a Price For A Song

4/17/2016 8:43:58 AM
The Journey


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The Rhythm Kings

6/15/2016 1:45:07 PM

Hell of a Price For A Song
Just wondering what the IMP peeps think of this one. It was done in our own studio.

Thanks! Bruce


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Richard Scotti

6/15/2016 10:38:09 PM ---- Updated 6/15/2016 10:46:19 PM


Hell Of A Price For Song

If you learn how to create a link, more people will listen to your song which is a really good one with great vocals and very cool guitar playing ala Mick Taylor previously of the Rolling Stones and one my fav guitarists of all time.

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The Rhythm Kings

6/16/2016 3:49:51 AM

Thanks Richard! You da Man!

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Two Silo Complex

6/19/2016 4:34:17 PM

I agree with what Richard said
"great vocals and very cool guitar playing" I will add good lyrical content.

If I had to make a production critique the crash cymbal in the chorus seems to slightly over ride the vocal a touch. I understand the placement and why the drummer used the crash in this timing but it distracts from the vocal on the "you were a hell of a price for a song" other times in the song it fits.

I really like your work "every word that stains the page just seems to write out wrong" love that line.

Looking forward to more rhythm kings.
Two Silo Complex,

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6/20/2016 5:13:20 PM

What the hell crash cymbal are you talking about?

Are you on drugs?

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6/22/2016 10:44:37 AM

Nice work here. Loved this song. Lots of great guitar work and a very stroing vocal performance. The drums are mixed back a little, More panning and level adjustment may give them better presence. The idea of this song is quite unique and original. Great job on that also.

You Rock!
Much Respect,

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Two Silo Complex

6/22/2016 1:25:58 PM

Dan I'm not arguing about my review with you.
If you actually clean the dust bunnies from your ears and stop posting when your drunk on jack and honey maybe it would work better for you.

There is a cymbal I think it it a crash that plays at the same time in the chorus on the "you" of the line "you were a hell of a price for a song" that I thought was a bit harsh.

Its up to the rhythm kings if they agree with my review not you I am not reviewing you because you have noting your doing musically.

If you don't like my opinion that you do that is too bad for you.

Piss off Dan.

Two Silo Complex,

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The Rhythm Kings

6/22/2016 2:06:04 PM

Ken and Stoneman -

I can't tell you how fortunate we feel we are to have found this place, especially after figuratively getting our teeth kicked in by so-called industry 'experts' (not an uncommon experience for most of us here, I suppose.)

Comments and critiques, particularly from people with the bona fides you two have, will always be considered. We're always striving to improve our craft.

At least we know someone is listening, and we appreciate that very much.


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6/24/2016 2:42:21 PM

You are so welcome Don. It is truly a pleasure to review music as professional and appealing as yours.Keep up the great work!

Much Respect,

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The Rhythm Kings

6/24/2016 6:28:26 PM

Stoneman, it is so great to reside in the same space with you here at IMP.
You embellish all that is indie. I am proud to share this space with folks like you, Ken, Bill, Francesca, Richard Scotti and so many others too numerous to mention.
I feel and so does Don and Denny to have found this fellowship of musicians.

To qoute the Stoneman.


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6/26/2016 9:59:30 PM

I really like the idea (punchline) and the sentiments in your song. I think with your instrumental and vocal sound you will always sound Country Rock rather than Alternative. The repeats of "Hell of a price" reminded me of a Meatloaf song (Anything for love) however and he Rocks for sure. Pukka playing of course.

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The Rhythm Kings

6/27/2016 8:11:40 AM

Thanks, Jilly. It's all about the punchline....

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Hank Elroy

6/27/2016 10:26:34 AM

Hey there Rhythm Kings

That's some fine pickin' and it left us a grinnin'. I can imagine sittin' in some bar out back country drinkin' a beer or in Elroy's case sippin' some shine and listening to you guys for a time.

Vocals go down smooth like a cold beer on a hot day and you know how that goes once you have one down your ready to swaller another one.

I'll drink to you tunes or just pass the time as the fireflies and sparks of the campfire roll into the sky.

That's all the time I have for this tale the third beer gave liquid courage so they say. I'll meander back to the tent we'll see if the old lady gives the tale a happy ending.


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The Rhythm Kings

6/27/2016 1:08:23 PM

Thanks, Hank. Hope you got your happy ending.

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Hank Elroy

6/27/2016 1:48:27 PM

Thanks for the well wishes on my en devour but they say a gentleman never kisses and tells.

I ain't claiming to be one but some things are better left unsaid.

I will say that I bunked down good that night so you can reed between the lines.

Your tunes don't need no beer or no shine and they are even more great by a campfire.


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