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6/3/2017 7:33:26 PM
Lonely Girl

5/29/2017 7:40:11 AM
Always seems......................... JeffH

5/18/2017 9:22:28 PM

5/15/2017 9:46:52 PM
Love Somebody

11/24/2016 9:35:16 AM
Why War...

10/17/2016 6:37:04 PM
Four letter Word

9/5/2016 4:34:20 PM
She Loved You

7/23/2016 10:36:09 AM


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5/15/2017 9:46:52 PM

Love Somebody
Got some new software Presonus Studio one Pro. and Superior Drummer
This is my first tune on it...
Any critiques appreciated.
It's a bit busy considering it started out as just an acoustic song...


Cheers and beers!

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Bryon Tosoff

5/16/2017 12:36:11 PM

hey Jeff,good you got you software, and having the percussion thing helps out a lot.

I Like the concept with that cool laid back groove easy feel ,, tasty acoustic guitar and that neat hook with a kinda string synth , also liked the electric guitar part at intro and later on, that too could be more there, piano part was a nice addition too in places, dig that percussion sounds good.

you could bump up vocals a bit more and perhaps start earlier with them,a 30 second intro prior to vox to me was long, I do like what you have done . Also staying on the root works although a more definitive change up would offer the song a more interesting touch, like a more compelling bridge or something or break it down as in the start,for a bit in the middle of the song, but then maybe you did that, I listened like 5 times, really like the acoustic guitar , lovely tone and texture there.

I do see it growing into a good tune, experimenting and building and crafting this one will yield a fine compositions and by the way, nice new toys,

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5/16/2017 9:44:34 PM

Hey Bryon thanks for giving the listens and the critique...
I'd have to agree with most of your comments ... I think I may have even played a kitchen sink somewhere in there. ;-)
Vocals are kind of weak.. so I hide them a bit in the mix... I've thought about adding a different bridge or maybe just modulate... it does need some change.
I'll get back to it someday...
Thanks again.

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