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Paul groover
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9/9/2020 9:37:39 PM
Singing is hard

8/26/2020 1:02:54 AM
Select your alter ego

4/12/2020 11:36:54 PM
Lead guitarist

1/3/2019 10:44:05 PM
Tis piece of the planet is mine pt 2

10/5/2018 5:50:40 PM
An ode to sadness

8/16/2018 6:32:15 PM
Sunday lazy dice

9/12/2017 12:14:30 PM
Slowly sinking

2/27/2016 4:07:28 AM
night wings remix Paul groover/Dick Aven


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Paul groover

9/12/2017 12:14:30 PM

Slowly sinking
Hi made up these 3 songs they are all ambient electronic with a pinch of jazz and classical thrown in. All are mixture of sequences and live playing. All my live work is one take as i hate to go back and fix things. So i try my very best to get it right on the first take as i hate trying to repeating myself as it never sounds the same. Unless it is pre-written that is different. I have always wanted to do a bit of theremin type music. I had bought a Roland tb3 because no-one else bid on it on ebay. I was the only bidder so got it cheap. Who does not want a tb303 even if it is a remake. It has a theremin type function in it. I used that to make Life is Agie. Mellow cigs is a vox synth Plogue alter ego you can type words and it sings it back to you. Slowly sinking is really weird piano sounds about fighting the tide

Life is agie

Mellow cigs

Slowly sinking

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5/3/2020 4:25:50 AM ---- Updated 5/3/2020 4:31:11 AM

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5/19/2020 5:18:07 AM

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