On our Honeymoon we went to Disneyland...... doesn't everyone.. lol

Today, December 28, 2006, in Long Beach, CA I married my beautiful Wimolrat. Please say hello to Mr.and Mrs. Vaughan

My beautiful sister Lynn Frampton. Quite the volcalist I might add. Who loves ya baby!

Blake learning his craft in the late 1960's

Ukia - early 19070's Richard Russom, Blake Vaughan and Brian Blanton...

Loosey Goose Band - Sacramento, CA early 1970's

The Blake Band - mid-1970's Blake, Aleta, Roger, Richard and Phil

The Blake Band - mid-1970's Bobby Hall, Dennis Morairity, Bob Carter, Warren Cross and Blake Vaughan

Back Tray Linner of the CD "It's About Time" Giving credit to Duane Hibbard and Michael Parnin for producing a GREAT CD! Thank you both!

CD Release Party 2004 at very good freinds Bill and Vicki Schilling's house Richard, Warren, Denny, Blake and Dick

Blake (aka Blakester) and his beautiful Wimolrat (aka Toy)

Blake Jamming with the Norman Sylvester Band in Portland Oregon ~ 2005

This is really a picture of my famous blues picking guitar player brother Grant Vaughan. He's a screaming guitar player in the great city of Little Rock Arkansas.

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