Chris Pollard

Valentines/Wedding Day Feb 14/97

Maria Daines with Sir Alfred

Mary Alice, CVFA In Support of Primates in Indonesia

The Colonel and the Doktors

The Three ....... Degrees !

Our dear friends Lesley and Nick - wouldn't be right without them here :) too !

Chris and Terry having a bit of a jam - :)

Chris and Mary Alice, loving the snow in Germany :)

All Peace and Tranquility on Jollity Farm Feb 2008

Capt. Chris and Black Mike on National Pirates Day

Rosa arrives and is introduced to Sparky and is reunited with Sootie Feb 2008

Feb 13th., Ziggy and Oliva awaken - yes a bit early but .... It's Rise & Shine Time :)

Mary Alice, Sheba and Alfy

The New Seeker's, Donna and Mick with Chris

Dena from New York visiting with our Sootie :)

Special friend Russ with our Sootie and Sparky :)

3 Doktors and one wanna be, Portscatho Regatta 2007

Three of our favourite people, Paul, Maria and Scary Guy

My Wife's Photography - visit www.justnicephotos.com

Visit http://www.cornwallsvoiceforanimals.org/Welcome.html to find out how these prints are going to help save the Mountain Gorillas

Alfy and Poppy in their pushchair - at 17 Alfy can't do the walk any more but Poppy likes a ride too :)

Chris playing at the Portscatho Regatta - 2007

Chris with Cahooty - Portscatho Regatta 2007

George Nixs and Chris Sept 23/07 at the Royal Standard Pub, Gerrans, Cornwall

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