Why Imp?

Okay, the first thing you need to know is that we allow unlimited song uploads, for free.  Usually the more prolific an artist is, the better they get.  We want to be the go-to site for seriously prolific songwriters.  Not only is that true about unlimited songs, it's also true that IMP is the best sounding site, period.  Why?  Because we allow uploads at a constant bit-rate of 320 kbps and WHEN THEY'RE CLICKED, THE SONG PLAYS AT 320 kbps.  Don't be fooled by bandcamp or soundcloud or reverbnation where you can upload wavs and so on, because on all 3 sites, songs stream at 128 kbps period.  Want your songs to sound better, crisper?  Choose IMP.

Next, IMP charges no commission for music sales!  The artist gets every cent from song or digital CD sales.  We also provide the best package for digital CDs, our innovative Ultrapage, which you can fill up like the kind of big booklet you used to get with albums.  Liner notes, additional pictures, lyrics, it's a whole new ball of wax that your fan will receive when purchasing your work.

The number one reason we are putting in red because it's really what our site is about.  The magnificent IMP station realm is what makes the site the best indie portal ever.  Indie lovers create stations, add your songs, and you get heard again and again.  Every member (artist or listener) gets to start 1 station for free.  The stations stream on any device.  You get to write descriptive blurbs about the songs you add to your station which also show up on the IMP Station Mash, and the front page keeps station adds and updates in the spotlight.  Create a playlist for your listening pleasure or do a theme station for fun.  Artists can use stations creatively to promote their own music as well.

Hard to believe we've gotten this far without mentioning the remarkable Stat Cave.  Want to really know how your song is going over, well in the Stat Cave you can see how long people listened, each time they do.  On top of that, instead of a system where somebody listening for 10 seconds equals somebody who listens to your whole song, we allocate points based on how long the listener sticks with a song, and it is these points that are used in our charts.  Gaming is impossible, we root out the non-unique plays and our play charts reward the artists who are truly doing the best.  The Stat Cave is also colorful and fun to look at, and there's nothing like it anywhere else.

One thing that makes us much different is that we are non-profit, are not going for the money grab like many of the corporate sites.  We put this right in your face, we are not in it to exploit artists in any way.

We must mention IMP's beloved "pipeline", an integrated blog community like nothing else on the web.  You write a blog and it pops up on the pipeline for other artists and listeners to discuss.  Of course since it's your blog, if somebody threadcraps or says something to steer the topic in a bad direction, you can delete them, or lock the thread.  An interesting cast of characters makes it fun, but on topics that matter you'll find a community with great depth, not to mention great knowledge of music and songwriting. Love political talk or hate it, there's none on the pipeline, but you can find all that you want on the Political Pipeline.  There's also a whole side discussion area called Review/Commentary where you can put your song up for more intense feedback to help your music.  You might notice that the corporate sites don't even have a community to speak of!  and that reminds me, every artist, listener, and station page has a free tagboard on it at IMP.

IMP has the most innovative way ever to sell your digital CDs, it is called the DMD and basically provides the buyer a whole site to accompany your music where you can give them lyrics, liner notes, and a large array of pictures.  It's like the elaborate booklets you used to receive with some albums, nobody does anything like this except for indiemusicpeople.  Go here to see details on the amazing DMD.

You will notice that IMP has a different vibe.  The reason being it was created by artists for artists.  Suits played no part in this scene.  That's why we have 27 different front page color schemes so the site looks different every time you show up.  36 different station fronts.  Some of the other sites prefer a look that comes from a corporate business template.  We're not about profits, we're about music.  In fact when this site started, we went around to all the mp3 sites and brought the best artists here. We continue to do that.  We're an indie allstar site, and that's why guys like Pete Townshend championed our cause.  Want to walk the halls with the best, well you're here, and you do.  We also listen to your music.  Ever get the feeling the site you ended up at doesn't even know you exist?   IMP actually cares if you live or die.  We have the best support.  We even have a year-end awards show that is renowned across the web.  Why IMP you ask?  Well you don't even have to think about all the features we have (above) that no other site even thought of.  For that reason alone, that we care - it's a better experience.