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       punch me hard

Bryon Tosoff

3/16/2010 8:29:31 AM

Tripping out groovin vibe brother, some fine works happening here. added to a couple of stations...enjoyed the listens....

Roy Muniz

10/16/2009 9:58:17 PM

Hey Mark, good to meet your music. I'm listening to "Writing Things" very cool. Welcome to the Music Tree. All the best; peace and music


7/5/2008 10:41:57 AM

Hey Mark, we just linked to ya man. See ya soon.

The Man With No Band

6/20/2007 4:27:32 PM

Saw your blog on the front page.... It's been awile since I've been here so I thought I'd come sit for a spell... Enjoying the tracks, both old and new, Insomnia was great ! made me smile...
Thanks for steering me back here... now I must stop typing so I can sit back, listen and use my fingers for more important things.... like burning them .. :)
Peace now...


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