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       Father Time

Psyche's Muse

6/15/2018 5:57:11 AM

I tried sending that stuff below to you as a PM, but my dang computer wouldn't allow it(kept getting site error message)... guess it wanted to get some "publicity"? Anyway, Be good, Feel good, Find the good,,, Good Job!!!! -M-

Psyche's Muse

6/15/2018 5:37:03 AM

Sorry that you are being tormented by such a foul spirit. I am 50%(at least) lost unto that same damned entity myself... no happiness, no joy,,, even good memories bringing tears of grief. I try to blame it all on god... his/her fault... he/she KNEW all this grief and despair... and then said it is "Good"... "I'm OK with it"... "Yes, go ahead"... "Come on"... or whatever the response was that manifested this damnable creation into becoming who and what it now is. I do hope you'll find something to smile about and get to feel a sense of relief here soon. Prayin' for ya dude! PEACE!!!! -M-

Psyche's Muse

6/15/2018 5:16:22 AM


Psyche's Muse

12/31/2017 5:45:38 PM

...listening to "Ode To Billie Joe"( again ). Nice! -M-


2/9/2017 9:20:23 PM

For what its worth, one sided love, I wrote a song called "one sided love" years ago, strange. I like this song, its not like mine though, but its kind of like on the same cloud. As always, I will always love your songwriting.


1/29/2017 10:26:07 AM

Thanks FT. Really appreciate it man!

Much Respect,


1/16/2017 11:53:40 PM

...your song, "You're An A**hole" will not play! Is it being "punished"? haha! -M-


1/16/2017 11:35:04 PM

"JESUS OR THE DEVIL"!!! ...Love it! Thanks!

Psyche's Muse

1/9/2017 5:55:42 PM

Hell, Father Time... I see now why your songs ain't playin' from my stations... you've done gone and taken most of 'em down... guess you didn't need to hear from me about this after all... But I'll say it anyway... I'm missin' a bunch of your songs... dang it! -M-


4/26/2016 7:19:25 PM

"The Things You Can't Control" is great classic FT, and I love his vocal in it. Just a great song.

Psyche's Muse

3/19/2016 2:24:42 AM

'Wilhemena's Eyes" !!! Wow! cool to hear this again. Thanks! -M-

Two Silo Complex

2/19/2016 8:29:19 PM

Virtual star s awesome I'd love to cover it sometime.

Donna Devine

1/14/2016 1:36:57 AM

I love 'dark' and I love 'folk'. So couldn't resist the genre description for 'Wilhemina's Eyes'. ;)

Wonderful lyrical imagery. Compelling story. I like the unease/tension in that last line.

Pleasing vocals and harmonies, and a fine performance overall.

Donna Devine

10/17/2015 4:54:06 AM

Just listened to 'Jesus or the Devil'. Really enjoyed the story. Had me riveted from start to finish. Good work. ;)


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