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       Francesca Tamellini

American Lesley Jane

3/4/2017 12:45:57 PM

Oh Wow. I hadn't noticed you did post on my site,
only in a different place, one I didn't think to look....

So you are okay with me doing a cover of Love In The Dark,
Copyright 2017 ~ Francesca Tamellini

Well that's freakin' Awesome! Thank you!
You are an Angel. God Be With You Always, Fran.

Much Love, here if you need anything ever,

PS... this is by no means anything I could rush,
it'll take me days 'cause I want to do it right... if you happen to have a change of heart
and decide you actually rather I don't cover it,
write to me immediately,

and now everybody can pay attention to mine,
and not worry about the email before that... oh nevermind....

Rock N Roll.

(about the best thing ever, when done correctly, better than Pizza...)

Steve April

2/22/2017 3:06:24 PM

Hi Francesca,

Have a few thoughts, and maybe a suggestion or two, however, a bit too elaborate for a Comment, so here's my email if you wanna be in touch.

Please delete this after reading my email's not compromised, or whatever happens to innocent emails floating in cyber space i dunno...

best regards,

Steve A.

Steve April

2/20/2017 6:38:01 PM

What an excellent interview!!!

Your music is wonderful, and to paraphrase a song I put up today, "love is bein' w your music...

best regards,

Steve A.

American Lesley Jane

2/18/2017 9:46:14 AM

Alternatively, I'll add this.

If you ever wanna try collaborating I'm game. I probably already said that.

God Bless you, anywhere everywhere.

Much Love Always, ~L

American Lesley Jane

2/18/2017 7:42:33 AM

Beautiful melody and harmony; Love In The Dark.

Okay, by default I'll assume the answer 'no', but,
if you would allow me to do an American Lesley Jane version of Love In The Dark,
please leave a comment on my ALJ page, to the effect of 'permission granted'.
I'd only release it here, not putting it for sale or anything like that... I'm not
even hooked up to Pay Pal to do that (ain't about to be either)...

My reason is purely one of 'wow this is cool, and now she's harmonizing with herself,
and the melody is distinct'... and then I start imagining all the stuff arrangement and production-wise that can be done with it... and I imagine what I'd do with it.

Kinda like 'does she even know she's painting masterpieces'...
I imagine you do. Know. But I'm like "oh i wanna put a gold frame around it
and then show it to her"... so you go, 'wow, I wrote that.'

Which you probably do anyway, so okay I'm shuttin' up now with my verbose self.
Catch you later, Kid. Too darn bad you don't live in Queens, NY.
We'd be making records constantly. I wouldn't hardly even bother with my own anymore at that point. You remind me of me a long time ago. Well, God Bless....

Steve April

1/24/2017 11:10:12 AM

Hearty Congratulations on your Golden kayak, Francesca.

Neil w Young

1/21/2017 8:16:23 PM

It being the weekend provided me with the time and opportunity to make my rounds to congratulate winners of a 2016 Golden Kayak.

Hearty congratulations, Francesca, on your Golden Kayak.

Best wishes.


William J Urmson

1/19/2017 8:00:39 AM

You have a great look and sound. You will go far don't ever give up on your dream~ WJU

Bryon Tosoff

1/18/2017 10:45:38 PM

Congrats on your golden kayak Francesca, well done. cheers from Bryon Tosoff.


1/18/2017 5:22:40 AM

Okay, I'm still banned from the Pipeline, and therefore, this, was deleted. But if you ever need some tracks, I will never turn you away. Call it my way of giving back, to worthy talent, as I would not be here now, had I not had some help along the way. You have my address


9/10/2016 4:51:31 PM

You're a natural talent, Francesca.

Bryon Tosoff

7/15/2016 6:25:18 PM

You have an amazing quality voice Francesca, Alter Egotist track rocks. glad to have it on my eYe station cheers and keep the tunes coming


The Jay Dyall Project

6/10/2016 3:42:23 PM

Loving your songs!
My Fave is "I Guess I Should Say Thank You", though all are equally grand!
You voice and vocal layers seems to enchant me, and as I can see, many others
feel the same way too!
You are heading to bigger things soon, I know it!
Keep making these wonderful songs! :-)


6/4/2016 9:43:36 AM

Francesca, it is so great to see the success you've had here, you are like a shining star, aren't you? :) Today I look and see you at #1 and #2 on the play charts! Couldn't happen to a cooler person, keep writing, the world already knows you've arrived.


5/31/2016 11:14:02 AM

You are so welcome! Soundcoud? Yeah, I haven't been active over there in quite a while. Good to see you over here though. This is a very good music community. Looking forward to hearing more of your work and reading more of your blogs/comments. Glad you found your way to IMP.

Scott Stambaugh

5/29/2016 6:05:10 AM

Francesca, your I'm Not Baby Anymore runs thru my head day and night. I think you're hypotizing me but it seems to be a positive buzz. :) Keep em' comin', the songs, you've got more potential than the mighty ocean.


5/28/2016 1:50:39 PM

Oh my. you are such a wondeful talent. Thanks for sharing your music with us here at IMP. Please no that you have a true fan in me.

Much Respect,


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