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       The Dyall-Tones

The Dyall-Tones

5/15/2017 7:30:40 PM

Yes, I did notice this some time back, tried to edit the Band name
but the site wont let me, I think That is what needs to be fixed.
Apparently it's only in the Player this issue occurs, all other pages are fine.
I don't really want to re-do this from scratch again, it's bad enough
it takes forever to upload a song, don't need another set of headaches, lol
Thanks though!


5/2/2017 8:33:32 PM

rather, "Tone" as the song "The Dyall" as the artist.. that's it. You need to start
from scratch, meaning,
yeah, I think so, that's what I did I think,
maybe you'll need to check with Scott... I'm no longer sure...
the hyphen in the title screws up how the player reads out
the song name though, this I know.


5/2/2017 8:31:54 PM


Want to give you a heads up on something.
If you have a hyphen in your bandname,
and The Dyall-Tones does,

then the name and the title of the song
will not properly display on the song player,

you'll see "Tone" as the song, and The Dyall as the song,
and no mention at all of the real song title...

it may not be possible to change your band name once you've set it,
you may have to start from scratch..
that was how I dealt with it on the one occasion I had to.



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