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       the karmics

The Golden GRANNY Awards

2/17/2020 3:30:59 AM

Congratulations - Your vast repertoire of original songs and your dedication to Indie music has earned you a prestigious Golden GRANNY Award 2020

Psyche's Muse

1/3/2019 8:52:42 AM

Golden Kayak Award Nominee Congratulations !!!! -M-

Psyche's Muse

6/19/2018 7:23:17 AM

WOW!!! ...been addin' most of your stuff here to my stations!!!(and just so you know... "I haven't been drinking or drugging or doing anything else... OTHER THAN...) LISTENING TO YOUR WONDERFUL MUSIC!!! "WOW" !!!! -M-


2/2/2018 4:23:22 PM

great music here !

Steve April

9/4/2017 3:20:23 PM

Hope you will consider droppin' by the Pipeline, here on Labor Day usa, started a thread mentioning the band, would like to hear about your influences, the band members, unique work...

in music,

Steve April

5/29/2017 10:28:55 PM

Very creative.*****



Steve April

5/29/2017 9:04:14 PM

Welcome to IAC/IMP...

You've a unique sensibility, tasty songs indeed! Added to m'stations, a couple of comments..."crabalocka fishwife, a cheeky flum w a muddy bottom, a burlesque bartelby, funny umpha mandolin gaslit london streets, w a nipper on the loose...banter..." (she was erring) on the safe side of a g-string.

Also, "lost and found," "oh my, do these guys have sensibility, playfullness, musicality, here in ballad form, w a nice cello to round this off..."




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