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1/7/2018 6:35:09 PM

PRODUCERS NOTE: In September 2014, Nick Stargu Sr. & Nancy Trecina left my home after an impromptu recording session to ascertain 'if we gelled'.. I e-mailed them an hour later to say, 'I thought it was a great session and would be more than willing to work with them. Before I could send it, I found an e-mail from them. They said "after they left, they talked.. said 'that guy is great' and likewise thought it would be a great collaboration." I'd left the Music Industry many years before and while I still had some skills... couldn't believe they wanted to work with ME. Consummate performers, they always found time to come to 'The Ferret House' to create new idea's. While Nick's just a little older, he was in the top groups I watched in my teens. He'd played with 'the best', and now was willing to work with me? I would've traded my own past music career- to have been a member of those bands! In January 2017, we added Tom Traygis. I'd met him in our youths and was always impressed. A 'class-act', who'd played with many of the same musicians, he was a 'Producer's dream'.. I'd worked with many great percussionists. Some 'overthought an idea' and few could work conceptually, making the Producers vision become reality. Tom had creative, 'no nonsense' approaches that I learned were even better than my own concepts. As time has gone on.. he continues to bring a 'freshness' to 'Starcina' that also keeps us on our toes! Even 'minutes' count here... and we make great use of them in our teamwork! It will ALWAYS have been an honor to have been involved!


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