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1/23/2018 12:05:47 PM

Thanks for the update. Appreciate it. Raveztar

Desperado Revue

1/22/2018 3:57:41 AM

I will be moving your cover of " Everybody Hurts " to " Desperado Revue 2018 Contenders " station. At the end of the nomination process, I believe next December, I will move the song back to one of the regular " Desperado Revue " stations.

Aira Winterland

4/13/2011 5:57:04 AM

what beautiful song - Tender Loving Care...Peace
Aira Winterland

Bryon Tosoff

4/25/2009 10:00:01 PM

David.I checked out your suggestion, but I added another tune which I quite liked, great job on "awake all night", pretty hip!
I checked out Oh God as I said....It has some good things going on, but I found it a bit "hot" in the mix as there was IMO some way over levels.....could there be some red lining or perhaps way pumped up sound levels,. it just seemed hard to listen too with just a way loud unappealing blend...Sorry to dump on your parade, but perhaps give it another listen and see what you think, it may be just me, but I think I am right here as I have surveyed and prospected lots of music over the years....keep doing your thing. you got some great talent and cool tunes going on

Hugh Hamilton

6/12/2008 11:15:22 AM

Enjoying "Donut" - lol - dig it! Came to you by way of DJ Eliz at Slower Commotion...rock on!

Nathan Damon

3/22/2007 9:18:52 PM

Welcome to IAC. Enjoy!


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