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       Cindy Alexander

Vincenzo Pandolfi

1/13/2017 10:41:45 PM

Congratulations on Forever Bound and your Golden Kayak Nomination. Beautiful, beautiful song.

Bryon Tosoff

12/30/2015 9:51:28 PM

Congrats on your Golden Kayak nomination Cindy, good luck from bryon


1/10/2010 10:11:50 AM

Cindy, I am addicted to "Immortal". Your voice + the sound is simply terrific. All the best for 2010. EM GIEL


12/3/2009 4:04:50 PM

disappointedsongs not playing-

maybe need reloading?


indic mist

12/25/2008 12:12:59 AM

Wish u a very merry Christmas …. May the light of love and peace always shine in your life….have a great festive time with your family and friends… make some COOL music…….


Fade to Black

11/27/2007 7:41:34 PM

Sweet new looking page pnut! As always, you ROCK!

Vicky Andres

4/27/2007 10:55:37 PM

Really like the writing. Excellent in every way. great vocals...production. Love it, love it.
Vicky Andres


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