INTERVIEW #2  4-19-17

JW:  So how are things?
DA:  Good Good, we're keepin' the focus as they say.
JW:  So you beckoned me here for some big news of some sort?
DA:  Well not big in the sense that anybody but you and Scott and some other people would care, but big for us.  New release of a big song.
JW:   Big as in?
DA:   Epic was the word used by the band's producer to describe it, I don't think anybody can even challenge that, though they might possibly be turned off by the subject matter.
JW:   Which is?
DA:   You'll have to wait til you hear it, see the video.
JW:   You gonna link me?
DA:   Actually the boys rigged it up so we can watch it on the TV over here.  You drinkin' anything?
JW:   No I'm good.
DA:   How about a bong?
JW:   Why not?  (he smiles)
(long pause here as they party and go to watch the video, turned the recorder off)
JW:   Okay you were correct, that was big.  Especially on that giant screen ya got there.
DA:   The boys watch a lot of TV and they like to see the girls so close they can touch em.  And I mean they do touch em, they put their sweaty hands all over that screen.
JW:   TMI.  So tell me the story about this song, I can't believe y'all did another song about Supergirl!
DA:   Well look at all the songs the gangstas do about the bitches, our guys get a topic they like, hell they might do 10 songs about Supergirl they love her so much.  I mean you should see ____'s bedroom, it's the shrine to end all shrines.  He also has her on all his desktop backgrounds.  You can't get away from her in this house, she's worse than my 2nd wife.  lol
JW:   The song reminds me of a giant pompous float at the Macy's Parade, is this kind of huge production going to go over do you think?
DA:   The boys make em the way they hear em in their head, their theory is they're good enough to make hay and if people want to dismiss em for some arbitrary standard, they're just stupid people.  I can tell you I know 2 different people who listened to this song like 50 times and still didn't get enough.  You oughta hear that fucker in a car with good speakers.  It's 1964 again and that's a good thing, lemme tell ya.  You blast that thing out of your convertible this summer and you'll soon have some beach babes in the back seat, of this we can be certain.
JW:    Yet it could almost be considered an activist song, no?
DA:    Yes it is a protest song, going after the man and the man's stupidity.  Let me tell you how this song germinated.  So we belong to a number of Supergirl groups on facebook and one night I happened to be on to witness our mutual pal Scott in one of these groups basically having one of his meltdowns for all to see.  I always like to read those so I kept checkin' back, we were all lookin in on the TV in fact, and Scott who is by the way the ultimate Supergirl lover..
JW:    Yes you can't help but notice that, sometimes I think he actually believes they're together for real..
DA:    Anyway Scott had just read in this group that DC was talking about having a Supergirl movie without his one true Kara and he was steamin' mad, losin' it on everybody in the group, you've seen him when he gets like that.
JW:    oh yes, we all have, I'm surprised he doesn't burst a brain in his head or something.
DA:    My son talks about the essence of rock and roll being passion.  Well the boys were inspired watching Scott go off and wrote this song about his concern, which by the way they totally agree with.  This woman Melissa is more the essence of Supergirl than I am an old man.  If she has a S birthmark on her skull under her hair I would not be surprised.  Muhammed Ali was born to be the champ, Elvis was born to be King, and Melissa B was born to be Supergirl.  There you have it, the holy trinity.  (smiles)
JW:    It is one wham bam song, and video.  She's beautiful.
DA:   You're understating it, my friend.
JW:   Which reminds me, so how are you feeling about the reaction in general so far to The Coming Of Age.
DA:   Well we knew what the boys would be up against.  Music has a different role in society than it used to when it mattered a lot to many people.  Now it matters a bit to some people.  Yes we were all disappointed when The World Was Ours barely got heard at all.  Part of that was facebook's fault, their status algorhythms, but after Kara's Song seriously lit up some folks, does anybody give a half a fuck about the follow-up?   Naww.   I told the guys sometime down the road people will look back at that song as a classic and say why did I not hear this and we'll have to tell them because you're the kind of fuckhead who doesn't click on music unless somebody bashes you over the head or you owe them money or something.  Disappointing, COA rolls on though, got songs to get done, good ones too.   My son is the one who gets despondent about the lack of listens.
JW:   Is your son back in the house then, last time you had an APB out for him?
DA:   Yeah he came back 2 weeks ago.  I think he missed his porno stash.  Just kidding.  He wrote a new pop song he wanted the boys to do, we think that will be the next single by the way, it's catchier than the flu.
JW:   Good to hear!   So did you ever find out where he was?
DA:   He said he was on a UFO contact expedition, not sure if he's on the level about that or not.
JW:   Did he say if he made contact?
DA:   No I think the aliens were afraid he might abduct them.   lol
JW:   So are you or the boys worried how the Melissa B song will be received?
DA:   No we're more worried whether or not Melissa will ever see the video or hear it?
JW:   Oh I also wanted to ask you about Ordinary Man.
DA:   Yeah that one got a nice response but not too many listened to that one either.  Was written by our WiseGuy, we call him, a very old soul.  And our singer related to it, pleaded to sing it, it's a different sort of song, especially in this era, let em try to stick a genre title on that one!
JW:    The Coming Of Age is definitely putting out quality music whether there's a real place for that in the world or not.
DA:   It's what the boys do.  Spread the word.  Help em capture the dream, it takes a bunch of fans.  Our expectations on that end are not high.