Piranya -
                      riddles and obsessions

 Image is something that at times allows you to get more involved with a music artist.  When I first encountered Piranya, the page I was looking at included a publicity blurb somebody on her team wrote about what a beautful woman she is.  I look at so many artist pages in the depth of the night that I tend to not even look at the pictures, but seeing that mentioned, I did take a closer look and I admit I do find this artist to be very attractive.   Something about her.. she's mysterious, she's sly... I even found myself somewhat flirting with her in the interview below.  but all this is relatively irrelevant when you hear this big, powerful voice on the song All Over Now which has currently moved up into the Top 5 on our Kayak Big 25.   I also admit that I asked her to compare herself to Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce hoping she would say she's waay better than them, but she didn't.  In fact she turned out to be humble and far more honest than most artists I run into.  Let me say it though right now, that song and several others on her IMP page are absolutely better than anything I've ever heard by any of those 3 iconic superstars.  As much as we love our indies, if Piranya stays in indie obscurity, it's a crime.  You don't need to use your imagination to picture All Over Now on the mainstream pop charts, it's ready to go right now.   I have to ask myself once again, where in the hell are the tastemakers who should be discovering a great force of nature like this that is ready on every possible level to kick those other ladies to the curb?



Scott:  Let's start with an easy one.  When did you start singing and at what point did it cross your mind that you could be a star?

Piranya:  I think from a very young age, about 6-7 yers. I loved to listen to music and imagine myself on the singer’s place. There was no turning point, it’s just was in my head like a default option. 

Scott:  It was hard to find much information about you.  Do you write your own songs or work with a co-writer?  Play any instruments?

Piranya:  I write lyrics. On the songs, that you can find, I used to work with a composer, all music belongs to him, I’ve just fulfilled it with some fresh ideas. And I wrote the biggest part of the album songs’ lyrics. But I also like to and I’m able to write my own music, I have lots of songs, actually. For me they all are like a lifetime diary. I don’t play any instrument good enough, but when I am composing something I usually play simple piano chords.

Scott:  I read that the name piranya comes from a character in a Gameboy game, is that where you got it or was it from some other source?

Piranya:   Never heard of a game (despite the fact that I am gamer), so source is definitely another. I created that name from “piranha” fish, but edited it with some more female sounding. So I wanted the first impression to be very associative with that fish, for sure. But a different letter stands for something different with the normal understanding of something.  

Scott:  Is the song All Over Now based on a real situation?

Piranya:   It is. I often use my life experience in my songs. But I need to tell, that the lyrics were written by another person. Anyway, If I were the author I would have used the same words, I suppose.

Scott:  I notice on your CD cover and also in your video you have a mask or hat you wear that looks like some sort of prehistoric fish fossil, can you discuss what this represents in regards to your persona and do you feel freer when you're wearing that?

Piranya:   Speaking the truth, I feel not that much free, cause it weighs like 6 kilo and is very tight on my head. I used to take painkiller tablets, while I was shooting in the video, cause it was a really heavy “crown”. I adore the person who did it. His name is Andreas Eberharter (AND_i) and he used to create fashion staff for Lady Gaga. He is a genius. For me this mask is a crown of alter ego personality, that I have inside, as if something takes control over you, if you understand what I mean. 

Scott:  I see you're from Germany.  Have you ever been out of that country?  What's your view of Americans?

Piranya:   Actually my music label is from Germany. I was born in Belarus, Minsk, but moved to live to Saint-Petersburg in 2013. I also used to live one year in China in 2008-2009 and now try to find myself in Spain, Palma De Mallorca. I like to find something new for myself in different countries. I dream to visit America and I am working on it. So, for me there’s no borders. If I have a chance I would try my best to travel around the world, maybe with my own tour one day.  

Scott:  It's pretty clear that visuals are a big part of what you do.  How do you compare yourself to Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna?   Feel free to be as bold as you like with the answer.

Piranya:   I like them and I respect what they do. For me Rihanna is a symbol of sexuality, Beyonce is a symbol of a hard work and Madonna is a symbol of how far you can go. I always listen and watch their concerts and learn lots of things, so I can definitely say that they (and many many more) are my teachers in this performing art. But I do not want to copy, or to put on their characters on myself. I suppose we’re different, but still have one important thing the same – we are women. We know how to be strong and when we can be weak. But speaking about comparison, I would love to be of the same world level or at least get to know them personally.

Scott:  Your debut record is called Obsession.  I bet a lot of guys over the years were obsessed with you, right?  :)

Piranya:   Or I was obsessed with them =).

Scott:  At the end of your Obsession video it says "to be continued", is that going to happen in your next video or later on down the road?

If only I could know. I think we will continue the topic of “alter-ego” and split personality in future works and will sing and perform about this endless war of good and bad inside us.

Scott:  Your song Replacement seems to be about replacing one man with another, it seems a little cold, would you characterize yourself as high-maintenance in relationships?  or just demanding?

Piranya:  It’s not an easy question. Everybody needs replacement if you suffer from something, but are too weak to change something in your life. If something makes the cup run over, change it or replace it. The same happens with relationship. I don’t have high demands, I just want the person with me to be fair enough and responsible. Someone who can treat me right. Someone who can share my interests and respect who I am and what I do.

Scott:  I ask this to all Spotlighters, have you ever had any experiences of high strangeness like UFOs or the supernatural or anything like that?

Piranya:   You know I believe in all supernatural things. When I was younger, I had an ability to predict my future. But then it stopped. Don’t know why even. But one thing I can see till now. I can see Death. Believe me or not, but I met her several times in my life, when she came to take one of my relatives. She always comes to me to give a warning that somebody will die soon. And I never was wrong with that. And I do believe in vampires, maybe because I am always searching for an ability to live forever and stay young. Such mystical creatures attract me the most.

Scott:  What would you say is your best song, and have you written any songs for your next CD yet?

Piranya:   If we’re talking about album, I would name Isolation, cause it is very close to my inner state. I can say that I’m in love with this song and this love will never end.  I’ve done a lot of demos for the next album, that is why if all works fine, the second release will be done really fast.