Via Audio - swerving into your brain

Back in the days when the best available songs were actually played on the radio, there is a distant childhood memory, going to Murphy's and buying some 45s, or having your mom bring you home some from downtown. When I first heard Via Audio, I was reminded of those days, because their sound is so unique, it reminded you of one of the great bands that came out of nowhere with these amazingly catchy hit singles back in the day. The combination of the songwriting and the insidiously soulful performances on these tunes resulted in songs that stayed in my head for long periods of time, and in a good way. Via Audio is a great example of a band that just doesn't fit any narrow genre format, and provides a quick study of why mainstream radio is so weak from the omission of talented artists like this. Truly original music doesn't have a outlet. It's not generic Alternative by any means, it's not Metal, it's not Pop 40 and it's not New Country. It's songs that you can't really categorize. With great hooks and lyrical brilliance and a lot of intangibles, Via Audio made top 5 on the Kayak Big 50 with both of their releases. Anyway, I was able to shoot a few questions to one of the great bands of this era to try and find out where they are coming from..


Scott: ok, first off, how are things going for your band ? I see on your site you're headed out on your 3rd tour, are you as enthusiastic now about Via Audio as you were, going out on your first ?

Via Audio: Everything is going great with our band. We are kicking off of a 30 day tour in Aug. partially with the Headlights (polyvinyl) on the east coast and Midwest. We are working on our full length record which will be done soon.

We are a little more excited about this tour because we are playing better venues, better towns, and better bands plus we were very involved in creating the tour. I basically love touring so… I’ll be excited if we play yo mamas backyard

Scott: You have such a one-of-a-kind sound, was there a point where you all started to play together and looked at each other and said "I think we're onto something here" ? :)

Via Audio: You know that kind of happened instantly, the first time I (david-bass) heard jess(lead singer) I knew there was something special and when everyone played together the first time we all had sparkling teeth like in the toons.

Scott: Mouth Shut is one of my favorite songs of the last 10 years. Is that part about winning in the end if you keep your mouth shut a real life philosophy ? If so, do you find that if you hold things in long enough, at some point it all comes out in one big explosion ? heh

Via Audio: Well thank you sir. For 10 years wow! I think I was still playing with Barbie dolls I mean G.I Joe. Ya ya G.I Joe. 10 years ago. That really isn’t my philosophy but I didn’t write the song, I just play narly bass coolest awesomeness. I’m too busy thinking about lollipops and gummies to listen to Mouth Shut lyrics.

Scott: I'm always interested in the dynamics of a band with girls and guys. Did Via Audio ever run into any complications in that realm ?

Via Audio: Well…… That is probably something that should kept at a low roar shhhhhhh..

Scott: I read that you met up at Berklee Music School. They ought to have your mp3 streaming on their website, best ad they could ever have! Anyway do you believe in destiny, in fate, as it pertains to your musical career(s) ?

Via Audio: Berklee does have our song streaming and what not. We are featured on the college’s label Heavy Rotation Records and our music was played during the graduation ceremonies so I guess they do use us as an advertisement.

I guess right now I believe that I get what I put in, so if we work hard and make awesome music then we will see benefits, we can’t afford to ride on destiny because you asked if I believed which means there is doubt.

Scott: Lyrically your songs have a depth, they all have a unique vantage point. Any big turning points in your life that you want to share ?

Via Audio: Big Turning point: When I was 5 years old I had my 1st crush which was on this superbabe “Spiderwoman.” My kindergarten had a simulated town playground thing and I liked to be the gas station attendant. So one day, “Spiderwoman” asks me to fill up her new Ferrari (radio flyer) and I said “that’s my job.” That’s when I asked her to marry me. So she took me to the barn and we got married, that’s when she kissed me but the teacher saw so we got in trouble.

Scott: I saw the promo pins on your site and the Women T-shirt. They are really fun to look at. Is there some kind of secret code involved ? :)

Via Audio: I’m sorry no secret codes just good ole fashioned fun

Scott: Developing Active People, is that a lost cause ? haha And is swerving a hobby ?

Via Audio: The song or creating awesome people? I guess both aren’t a lost cause. I created an awesome person out of playdoh last week. It was a sight to see. I sculpt as a hobby. Swerving is not a hobby, being the best damn driver I can be isn’t a hobby either

Scott: ok, one question I gotta ask, are you guys as in disbelief as I am at some of the crap that gets radio airplay when it really should be you ? In other words, how much does it irk you that the music biz is such that the true cream can't rise to the top ?

Via Audio: Well that’s a complicated question that could be answered in a 10 pg. thesis. Answer. In short answer yes and no, those bands make it because they can be digested by the masses but the same time the majors can make any band cater to the masses if you play their song in every location 200 times a day. The people I commend the most are the bands that cater to the masses and good, which I think is the hardest task for a musician like radiohead, stevie wonder and coldplay… sometimes

Scott: Do you believe in UFOs, had any strange experiences in that realm ?

Via Audio: Of course we believe in aliens, our guitar player tom is an alien. That’s only way we can explain his Ultra fantastical rocking abilities plus he has a tail.

Via Audio