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About Me
life summary
Always helping others succeed
I live for…
for discovering artists
I despise
labels who use the old artists and reruns to keep them in business rather then discovering new and dynamic talents
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
waking up every day, and thinking, another day, that is a bonus.!!
in 10 years I'll be
older than you want to know
in 10 minutes I'll be
Promoting another Artist
experience of high strangeness
working nonstop for 20 hours.
my advice to you
Stay the course, dont let others or your self get in the way of what you want Beleive and Work Hard. Talent is one Thing, but is the energy, committement and perserverance that will bring you success in the music industry.
Bryon Tosoff
Voodoohead Productions
Promotions and Management Company

"Building Careers for the Blue Collar Musician"
A Management and Radio Music Promotions Specializing in marketing and promoting Artists in the Blues,Jazz, Country and Folk music Genres. Contacts in 23 countries and on over 700 radio stations for folk, blues, and country music.

Digital Music Delivery System

DMDS is an easy to use digital file transfer system that was expressly developed to streamline radio promotion activities for today's music industry. Using the power of the Internet, DMDS delivers broadcast quality music tracks, together with related promo materials, directly to media outlets anywhere - quickly, securely, and inexpensively.
Musicrypt DMDS

Radio Submit Music Delivery System

RadioSubmit.com is another system I incorporate in having artists get their material to radio.
Similiar to DMDS, but your music is submitted and ready for preview by music directors and DJS and downloaded. I will submit Artists to their Mini Web Site area which allows me to upload your music and post promotion photos & information (including: publishing, songwriting, production information, and CD numbers) about their new releases.

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Summer and the Sinners. blues with a kick-promo by voodoohead

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Here is the deal. Are you in it for real or out




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