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life summary
Anon E. Mouse had a good quality of life, but unfortunately was recently EATEN by Doobious Doobiemeyer, the happy, healthy household cat.
uhhh... Sorry But I ATE Anon E. Mouse, as his picture was being Taken....

Sorry 'bout that!

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Hi I'm Doobious DoobieMeyer the CAT. I apologize for the state of my page, but Anon E. Mouse had left it in such a state of Disarray. And Welcome to the STATION that has only FAMOUS IAC Artists. The ones who actually, "MADE IT".....
none of those screwy, sensitive INDIE artist types, playin' on the NEW improved Anon E. Mouse Memorial Page. -Doobious Doobiemeyer the Cat
puddy tat ...hmmm.........
kool kat yes, i'm a cat person m'self lol, m'songs are playin the way they intended, rockin' easy on the catnip......
mmmm.... catnip.....yummmm.....
n. spaceship big fan of anon e mouse - woot
n spaceship sure he made a great snack
mr spaceship if you think you can fill the shoes of any of the SUCCESSFUL indie artists played on this page, then please do so.
noahspaceship ok, phlegm I will be sure to do that, I wear a size 7.5
to a cat even MY size -- 7.5 is AWFULLY BIG.... watch where you're Steppin' -Doobious
nobody loves me boo hoo
nobody loves me boo hoo
Pip loves me that's a happy thing.
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Anon E. Mouse

      4/30/2011 2:58:19 AM Add Comment

Chandra Moon

      10/2/2010 8:07:25 AM Add Comment
Tee hee!! Great tracks mr mouse!


      10/20/2009 4:18:23 AM Add Comment
hi ya my friend!!...

Tucson az U.S.A view more pics...