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      1/31/2017 7:40:42 AM Add Comment
Thanks, Bryon :)

:O Wow, I didn't realize you had Bulgarian ancestry, even though your surname does sound a bit like that... I guess I just assumed it's Russian or something. Really cool 8)

Bryon Tosoff

      1/25/2017 2:20:30 PM Add Comment
hi Christomir, welcome to IMP , nice to see you here adding your station(s) and songs, good job,I see you are from Bulgaria, very historical amazing place, my dad and mom visited there years ago, My grandfather came from Sofia Bulgaria in 1900 or so, his parents were merchants from the City of Roses. (Sofia) his story of getting away is interesting. keep up the great work here. I believe there are a few others from Bulgaria, will send a note about it sometime...all the best bryon tosoff

Ruse Ruse Bulgaria view more pics...