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JukeBoxJax Hiya, glad you have no come along to join this world :)
Dan Browning Hey Norm = Thanks for your kind comments about the harmonica on my songs!! Looking forward to seeing "Telling Me Goodbye" on Desperado Review Volume 2!!
Lars Mars Hey Norm, thanks so much for all of your dedication. Let me know if there is anyone special you would like on our Thank You Station. Glenn
Glenn Link to our Thank You Station
Glenn Norm, did you get my email?
Glenn I used whatever one that IMP has as your default address. When I clicked Send Personal Mail just above this box. It's blind, so I don't really know.
Verity That's a great offer Norm, we'd be delighted to have your support, Thanks !
Verity I think I won't be doing IMP NEWS now, sorry but thanks for your support Norm
Larree Thanks for everything you do here, Norm. Thanks for supporting indie musicians and thank you for all the station adds! Stay safe!!
Neil w Young Norm, I can be contacted through the Contact Neil tab on my website.
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Bryon Tosoff

      2/14/2021 9:31:06 PM Add Comment
Congratulations Norm on your award as Station manager for the year for 2020.it is certainly well deserved and for all your efforts. It is a wondreful thing you do to support the many performing artists musicians and entertainers here at IMPNATION., A daunting task to keep up with ensuring all music gets place at your many powerful stations as your lead by example and provide a platform for us at IMPNATION to be recognized for our efforts in music making, you are to be congratulation and applauded for everything you do, well done and continued success and many more awards to come I am sure
regards and best wishes


      9/4/2018 10:06:29 AM Add Comment
Hi Norm - you are awesome ubiquitous one! Let me know if I need to scale down the number of songs I have on IMP. I am not sure why none of my songs are playing this morning when other songs on the site are. I thought maybe it was a bandwidth issue. I have 26 songs posted. I can scale that to just three if that will help to allow those three songs to play should I or anyone else click on them to listen. There is far better music on this site than the paltry poetry I compose so I will abide by whatever needs to be done. Thank you!


      5/14/2018 4:58:33 AM Add Comment
Hi, Sorry but I can't do IMP NEWS any more, maybe someone else could do something similar :) Thanks for the ads anyway.


      4/11/2018 2:24:40 PM Add Comment
Glad you like the plans for the IMP NEWS Magazine Norm and thanks for your support once again x


      1/23/2018 12:07:17 PM Add Comment
Thanks for the update on my cover of "Everybody Hurts", really appreciate it. Raveztar (David)

Dimestore Playboys

      12/20/2017 10:57:12 AM Add Comment
Thanks for the kind words Norm. Cheers!

Neil w Young

      12/19/2017 11:39:09 PM Add Comment
Hearty congratulations, Norm, on your Golden Kayak 2017 nomination for station manager of the year. Wishing you the best of luck, Happy Holidays and much continued success. Neil

Bryon Tosoff

      12/17/2017 4:06:17 PM Add Comment
Greetings Norm, thanks for your thoughts on my artist page awhile back, the piano is my instrument I feel at home with, its magical, anyways, wanted to drop by and say it has helped us a lot having you as a station manager and appreciate your ongoing efforts to build your station into one of the best around with a great selection of fine music and artists, keep up the great work, we have languished at times with not having enough people like you and a handful of us had to keep it looking busy over the years, also kudos to your nomination as station manager in the GK awards ,good luck bryon tosoff

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