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Hello, IAC Music Community! I will just bet quite a few here thought I had a bit of 'cheek' as we say in Britain, to set up as an Artist Mentor here. No my friends and listeners, sheer nerve is not the point here, for I am genuinely trying to be helpful to the Artist Community in a way the staff of IAC have not the time for provision of, and speaking to issues that the forums I have perused under my Prime Artist ID Hypnogoddess, do not seem to address, at least not as yet.

I am setting up this Pipeline page therefore, both to give a secondary set of promotional stations for airplay to newbie artists in need, (though established and gigging artists will always be welcome; also a bit of shameless self-promotion) and as a secondary contact point outside the artist page itself where requests for tips in a specific area of IAC perks may be presented, either via shoutbox, or by email contact.

I do ask the patience of Artists asking for airtime; the set of stations attached to this Pipeline page are not the only set I have on IAC. I also maintain webradio stations on other Indie sites as well. I hope to get around to hearing each and every applicant, but if I miss you on the first round please feel free to request again!

Should you be interested in one or more of the Hypnogoddess's DMD CDs, an initial selection may be found here; check back frequently for updates!

Hypnogoddess One

The Melting of the Mind

The Gem-Heart of Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire

And one Hypnogoddess Facet, The Nightmare, even has a MySpace Music site...

The Cavern of The NightMare on MySpace

With this stated, I have only five words left...

Enjoy the video below!

ClickThru HotSpot!

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5/10/2006 3:55:05 AM
Strange Things One can do With a Blog

5/10/2006 3:45:56 AM
So...they want me to BLOG?




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sunset SINdrone Thanx for your tryly kind comments and support! You're doing great, it's very much appreciated! Johannes - Amsterdam.
ArtistMentorSpeaks So am I as I just tried an expeirment...you will see if you check your list. I will not up your uniques too much..but I wanted to see what an extended playlist of just those two would do to my head...
sunset SINdrone Please be careful my dear!! Watch it!! Tx tremendously! If you want to you can go and read Baby's comment on my blog on the frontpage. Johannes.
Johannes Thanx for blogcommenting on sunset SINdrone - I will think about all. I guess my new page won't come as a surprise for you then....
timbo Hi, thanks for including me on your page. I am honored. Not sure what you mean "I need more" though. Be well. Tim
mel wut is dis all about dude/ anyway can u put me on it
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      5/8/2006 2:07:47 PM Add Comment
Here Is one of the many things I do on the
'Net...blog. This is only one of many blogs I maintain web-wide. This is another, on quite a different subject.


      5/8/2006 2:01:27 PM Add Comment
Doing a lot of Web-stuff can lead to a very complicated life. I not only maintain Artist and Member
pages on many sites, Web-wide, I op or moderate forums, build personal sites, auctioneer and manage Webrings.

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