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About Me
life summary
Music is my life... My Life is Music...
I live for…
Music, Love, Singing, friends, family, performing live, writing, recording, The Chappelle Show, laughter,
I despise
Haters... negativity & people who consider themselves 'victims'... don't be a victim!
self-chosen nickname
Peeler... since I was 5 years old, playing little league... Peeler has been my handle... great name for a band don't you think?
life turning point
Finding my voice & becoming Peeler... a musician, songwriter, vocalist - what I live for.
in 10 years I'll be
On stage... touring the 4th Peeler album
in 10 minutes I'll be
On stage / touring the 1st Peeler album & planning the second
experience of high strangeness
When I was a kid... 4 years old - up in the middle of the nite - looking out my window - the moon's light washing the snow covered street - out of the sky came the bright coloured lights... silver and gold, red... they left as quick as they came... High strangeness indeed...
most overrated
I do what I can to avoid overrating anything...
most underrated
Hawksley Workman...
my advice to you
Live each moment as if it was your last...
Peeler is Craig Peeling - Winner of the 'Rock Song of 2005" Golden Kayak & #1 on KIAC Big 50 with Half Past High!!!

Peeler's Debut 'Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance' 15 songs available exclusively at iacmusic.com...
Music That Will Change Your Life... THAT'S THE GOAL

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