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About Me
life summary
An ambience of Sunlight and moonlight with short trips into the twilight
I live for…
Today, Tommorrow and the next day
I despise
Lies and arrogance
self-chosen nickname
Paul groover
life turning point
Hanging with Ootrah krew
in 10 years I'll be
I,ll be 10 years older and none the wiser
in 10 minutes I'll be
Drinking coffee and Smoking
experience of high strangeness
Being thrown about a Ship in 100mph winds and 50-100 foot waves
most overrated
Capatilism and the hording of wealth for the benefit of no-one
most underrated
Freedom to choose and friendship
my advice to you
Don,t be dragged down by poeple who have no interest in you or your future
Paul groover,s hangout is about free thought and general points of interest

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4/6/2009 12:17:01 AM
Commumnity Radio




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Ash Hiya Paul! Thank you for making the JAM night requests . You rock! :)
LWJ Thanks for stopping by my Pipeline page and commenting on my poem on the forum. Spirit rich but thirsty still and emancipated by a stroke of the quill...or tap of the keys...these are we. :)
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