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Paul McCann -
Bass with Irish Rock band "Indian".

Paul 'Man is the being who aspires to be god..'
Jean Paul Sartre

Paul has been under the wing of a certain Robin Robins as a session musician and has featured on the recordings of many local artists. He recently completed a trad album of Dimaris and Jim Woods which he found thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. The highlight of his career he romanticizes was working with Cathal Haydn and Martin O'Connor. Gigging locally nationally and internationally with many TV appearances has made him a force to be recorded with. He has been heavily involved with the Quivvy Samba band as well as his own Bossa nova Jazz band.

Being MD and manager for his 8-piece jazz/swing orchestra 'The Significant Seven' has matured him into a fine arranger and enhanced his musicianship. The band in question is to support local hero Daniel O'Donnell on his upcoming tour.

Asked if he would allow himself some time off to campaign for stardom through the 'Eur a star' avenue he states the that he could not stoop to the great depths involved in such a move .

Coming from a well regarded musical family Paul attributes most of his musical focus to his daughter Cora as well as drawing influence from messrs Hendrix, Sinatra, JS Bach, Michael Bolt-on and of course Linda Martin.

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