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life summary
Born in Kitwe, Zambia - caught a boat to Brasil at 3 months - grew up in Rio a sunkissed cobblestone kid - went to boarding school in Northern England - learn't how to act ! - taught myself acoustic guitar - took a degree in English - learn't how to Act ! (at Drama School) - appeared in plays - formed The Mispent.
I live for…
Live music.
I despise
life turning point
"I'd offer you breakfast but there isn't any" !!
in 10 years I'll be
Playing bars or arenas and sounding more and more like Johnny Cash !
in 10 minutes I'll be
Playing an acoustic guitar trying to sound like Johnny Cash.
most overrated
most underrated
Joni Mitchell.
my advice to you
There's nobody to blame.
How are you ? Thanks for dropping by ! I'm Warrick, occasional actor and full time musician. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and live in good old London, UK. Two and half years ago I formed The Mispent, with my very good friend Guy, as the best vehicle for a burgeoning canon of material; at first for the sheer pleasure of it, and then to create a document of our existence.... in all it's ridiculous, flawed, perverse and varied hues....

We started out with a good old fashioned four-track and a room. As sporadically employed actors with a nomadic background, music came as a force of catharsis, and expression of the absurd nature of our predicament. Saturday afternoons with a beer or three, an acoustic guitar and a strat provided a welcome release from torment that is the acting profession ! We brought samba, acoustic / country rock, 80's pop, Brian May and healthy sense of self deprecation to the mix and low and behold, The Mispent was born; firstly as just Warrick and Guy - and then as we found ourselves in a studio, as a five piece Rock outfit.

At this point we've had an EP "All There Is, Is Now" out for a year or so, have been gigging hard and are just about to release our debut LP "Climbing Frames"...... Again, thanks for dropping by.....Shout ! And may your path be the one you want to be on !

The band website is http://www.themispent.com.

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Warrick Welcome ! It's Warrick of The Mispent, Byronic Musings and Troubadour Radio. Hope you're well !
Larry W Johnson_ Thanks for stopping by Warrick. and I'm glad u commented on the Jong poem..I'm posting some poems to make people think, reat..keep your eyes peeled and stop by anytime. Cheers!
DIY Got a tune that qualifies for this new station?
The Rubrics say thanks for the inclusion in your top five....a real honor...:)
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Larz Boah

      8/12/2007 5:11:20 PM Add Comment
Hi Warrick....hope your doin great!

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