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4/5/2007 4:40:52 PM
Contests do you keep participating?

1/18/2007 2:20:31 PM
I may be dreamin but what if...

12/13/2006 5:49:45 PM
Finally!! A produced product

11/26/2006 12:56:00 PM
A Songwriters going rate?

11/23/2006 12:47:46 AM
Recording all in a 'day's' work?




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OB Hi Carolyn, I saw on your myspace that you grew up in Sudbury. Did you go to High School in Allistion?
Carolyn Hi, OB - I went to Marymount College in Sudbury, I lived on the outskirts in Val Caron-valley girl or 'from the sticks'
Hugh Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn - and New Year wishes "right back atcha..." - Ciao!
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      7/4/2006 10:46:06 AM Add Comment
July 7th at Marine Pub in Burnaby, BC. I'm part of a Vocal Kombat challenge. It's the Semi-finals and 8 out of 16 move to the finals on July 21st. Winner receives 2 full days in a recording studio. I'm singing originals against Karoeke anyone in the neighbourhood please come by for a hoot & holler of support!


      6/4/2006 12:08:54 PM Add Comment
Well I was so excited to see Water's Risin' reach as high as #12 in the Folk/Acoustic genre and #182 in the all genres. Thanks for listening! It was a simple recording done on my computer. Since I just returned to writing music when I made my first CD I am very hyped to improve what I can do.

Vancouver British Columbia Canada view more pics...