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About Me
life summary
My life has been a dog's life.
I live for…
snotty tissues
I despise
that awful nasty "after bath" smell. Yuck!
self-chosen nickname
Larry Dog
life turning point
My first bitch. A poodle named Teila.
in 10 years I'll be
an old dog.
in 10 minutes I'll be
digging up the flowerbed.
experience of high strangeness
One time my owner blew marijuana smoke in my face. I sneezed, and after that I don't remember what happened.
most overrated
obedience school
most underrated
snotty tissues
my advice to you
Feed me, walk me, and always use a pooper scooper.
I am a dog. But to some (with dyslexia) I am a god.

Don't I look beautiful in my "Larry Dog Pooped on the Lawn" doggie T-shirt? Do you have one yet? I'm proud to be one of Larry Dog's bitches. When my owner takes me for a long walk around the block in mine, I'm in heat! Click here to order yours today, or get your owner to buy it for you for Christmas.

Fifteen percent (15%) of all Larry Dog Pooped on the Lawn merchandise profits will go to charities for abused animals.

"My owner bought me mine at http://larrydog.net. Woof! Woof!"

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10/22/2006 6:41:41 PM
Woof! Woof!

9/25/2006 1:14:15 PM
Maria Daines is my hero!




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