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About Me
life summary
was born, got bored fast
I live for…
embarrassing secrets
I despise
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
reading a dirty novel I bought at a yardsale at a trailer park.
in 10 years I'll be
a fly on the wall
in 10 minutes I'll be
posting one of my wonderful stories for all to read.
experience of high strangeness
every other person I meet.
most overrated
most underrated
my advice to you
Watch who you swat!
I'd love to be a fly on the wall. All the great moments in history take place in someone's privacy.

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12/1/2019 7:14:12 AM
the life that dreams are made of

9/19/2019 4:55:13 PM
my new articulated philosophy on life

9/1/2019 4:09:45 AM
mysteries of the universe

5/15/2019 3:06:53 AM
late night thrusts

4/16/2019 10:21:01 AM
favorite lines of lyrics





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Alberto Martínez Wich one of the rolling stones drink coca cola light in 1987?
Psuedonymph Ta, it worked. The funny thing was I hadn't noticed no nose but after you menthioned it that was all I...couldn't see :) sorry I lost your first comment but I liked the 2nd one x
Jilly I shouldda stayed in bed today - you never told me I spelt it wrong :)
Zeroking Thanks for droppin by our page and rockin with us!!!
The CODE Hey Fly - trailer trash - it's got me giggling!!!
760 VJGHBYyTzyBpxS
fly on the wall Be gone with your post, you anus.
(shhhhhhh) Good intuition/guess Fly! How did you know it was me? You didn't even hesitate. LOL (shhhhhhhhhhhhh)
????? So now you have to give me a song for my station. .................
colleen lamoureux k. cool. thanx. ok so i read yoru comment and iwas like how do i have a comment.,noone knows me.haha..so here i am on yourpage. whoare you? how come i can't find your music? i feel blonde. i am being a cyber nerd. nice fly-metaphors..
colleen lamoureux how did you see my blog to respond to it? teach me the ways oh wise fly-dude
colleen lamoureux how did you see my blog to respond to it? teach me the ways oh wise fly-dude
fly answered you on your blog
bluto where are your songs
Butterfly... You've been avoiding me. :-) How are you? I'm tired, but can't sleep. Hey, did you check out my new station? No confusion!... having fun adding things I like... Communication sometimes is difficult don't you think?... typing is a good thing.
Okay... enough random thoughts. I just realized this is the first time I've posted to your page... be nice! Have a good night Fly.
Brooklynn hey wats up ???
Butterfly 'Moondance' is a great album, I had purchased a couple of tracks after my VM thread... but now have all, thanks for the suggestion. Take care fly.
God you are hearby made a saint
Butterfly You frustrate me... in a way that's frustrating.. in a way that makes me want to pinch you really, really hard on your arm!! Stop smiling.. you don't get to smile.
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dance like flies

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Two Silo Complex

      3/1/2016 10:13:17 AM Add Comment
Hey Fly,
Just wanted to stop by and wish you well.


      10/29/2008 2:36:21 PM Add Comment
Mr Fly

we miss ewe when ewe go off to lay eggs (or whatever!)

we love the caustic remarks- and the doubts ewe sometimes express about sex- but most we love it when ewe add our songs eg to insects

gives us a real buzz!!!


      10/16/2008 9:55:55 AM Add Comment
Thank You for the comment! I Really appreciate it! Im trying to get better, and my production is getting better 2. I understand the recording wasn't clear enoungh and I had to go back in the studio to touch up and redo vocals. I will have the new version available soon, and Tha Fam Joint is also a favorite. Im coming believe that
and thanks for great words of inspiration! Mr. Fly

and Its hard for some people to pronunce my name, but its sounds the same way you say Robert DeNiro!

Thats why I put Robert DeNiro up With DENERO FLAMES because you say Denero the same way!

Mucho Gracias

fly on the wall

      6/27/2008 4:22:11 AM Add Comment
I'm Doctor Kildare.

Conversation Suicide

      6/27/2008 3:57:32 AM Add Comment
Point taken fly. I was actually just trying to build up steam er.... or something. But I do feel a bit this week like the wad is shot. And it's time to smoke that cigarette, relax & enjoy a moment of quiet in this overly busy life I've chosen. Hmmm... you do have SO damn much wisdom sometimes...

So who are you really?

-werewolf biting your back


      1/10/2008 9:28:51 AM Add Comment
Hey Fly - how's it hanging out there on the wall!

Hope there is plenty to keep you occupied???

the wall view more pics...