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About Me
life summary
I am a spiritual poem living a human musical experience.
I live for…
Loving, music, writing, reading, travel, film, very good friends, great art, and dreaming beautifully.
I despise
Try not to do that.
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
This moment.
in 10 years I'll be
Awake and happy.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Dreaming of all the great things I'm going to do on this site.
experience of high strangeness
You don't want to know.
most overrated
Divulging that information could get me in trouble.
most underrated
My book, "The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois"
my advice to you
Make yourself happy by buying my new CD/download, "The Goddess and the Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth, presented by Rahkyt and featuring Nordette Adams and Aberjhani.
The Savannah, Georgia-born spoken-word poet and author Midnight Skylark is also known as Aberjhani. He is the recipient of a 2011 Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait VIP Dot Award and the 2006 CONNECT SAVANNAH Poet/Spoken Word Artist of the Year Award. Primarily a literary artist, he is well-known as a cultural arts writer for AXS Entertainment and has also awarded many honors for his writings in different genres. His articles have included reviews of music by diverse hip-hop artists, jazz musicians & events, alternative rockers, and classic R&B. His books include: "Journey the Power of the Rainbow:Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry"; "The River of Winged Dreams"; "The American Poet Who Went Home Again"; "ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love" (with artist Luther E. Vann). Among his award are: the Choice Academic Title Award for ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE (co-authored by Sandra L. West); the Thomas Jefferson Journalism Award; and increasing critical acclaim for his novel, "Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World." THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK, DANCING THROUGH THE WORD LABYRINTH, produced with Mark "Rahkyt" Rockeymoore and Nordette Adams, is his first CD. (Midnight Skylark artwork by Denise Elliott-Vernon)

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Songbird   Flocks and flocks of trilling hearts covering the world with blankets of song. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Ultrajazz   Boldly goes where jazz so boldly leads. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
R&B/Soul   Rhythm and Blues: as in the stylish never-get-old parents of modern-day funk, rock-and-roll, and hip hop.-- Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
special station for pipeline   As visually compelling as it is musically so. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
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dean.d   Sounds to think, groove, chill, create, and spread wings to.-- Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Jazz   Groovaliscious listening pleasure.
Acoustic Son   Acoustic cool.

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Midnight Skylark

      11/21/2006 5:32:04 PM Add Comment

"The first notes of music caressed her like a memory of long ago love and she was ashamed of the great and sudden pleasure she experienced when she heard them. Then came a man’s voice shaped by words that pressed her heart and brain like furious lips of burning moonlight. Did she know this person reciting these words? She felt like she did. Before she could answer herself, the man’s voice faded and that of a woman’s sailed forth with words that enfolded her like one arm of cosmic passion and another of divine justice. She looked again at the title of the CD: The Goddess and the Skylark, Dancing through the Word Labyrinth: Presented by Rahkyt. The more she struggled against the idea of dancing suggested by the title, the more feverishly joyful, and silly, and wise she felt."

Savannah GA USA view more pics...