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IndieMusicPeople.com       Chef of the Maggots
About Me
I live for…
The opportunity to say "Ni ! "
I despise
Half ass fuck ups!!!
self-chosen nickname
Chef of the Maggots
life turning point
Mosh pit at the 2005 Slipknot concert in Portland, OR
in 10 years I'll be
Younger than you
in 10 minutes I'll be
Lost in innerspace
experience of high strangeness
I saw a rainbow at night
most overrated
Anything "pop"
most underrated
Corrosion of Conformity 1991 album called "Blind"
my advice to you
Suck it up...it only gets worse

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      11/12/2007 1:14:44 AM Add Comment
ya, i check my iac account several times a day. just what i need, another thing to be addicted to.

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