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Raised in small towns (several). Went to about 10 schools and four colleges. Let's just say I got used to making new friends.
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God and purpose.
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Live it like you mean to.
Just a small town girl with big city highlights.

LOL. I was born, raised, and now I'm grown. But seriously, music is a huge part of my life. Since my dad is a musician and songwriter and my mother sings, as a child, my sister and I were always traveling with my parents to coffee houses and churches, so that they could perform. I remember my family always had some sort of "studio" set-up, so that my father could record his music and teach guitar. My public singing debut (other than corny school plays) was at the age of 7 yrs and I sang one of my dad's songs at our local church. Interestingly, I never questioned my ability to sing until I was an adolescent, and by this time I had been singing too long to just give it up, anyhow. Singing is my favorite form of expression. I began song-writing at the age of 17.

I also enjoy web design, reading, and knitting slippers (just kidding on the knitting- although I would love to learn :P).

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WJU Jo Ellen, I love the way you constantly update your pages and re-invent yourself! I constantly check in on your stuff because I never know what I'll find next! Have a very BLESSED Thanksgiving to you and family! Peace from New Babylon!
VELULA Hi =) come around to listen and see this =)
SILVERWOODSTUDIO I hope you don't get deleted----seriously we need to keep artists who are a benefit to the music and fabric of the site---good luck
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