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Saturday, February 04, 2017 5:47:11 AM
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Saturday, February 04, 2017 5:58:04 AM
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Lyrics, melody, guitar, vocals and production by Zeeza Love

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I have been waiting for Zeeza to re-upload this great song to her Artists Page. This morning when I checked into IMP, there it was parked in the New Songs list just a-waitin' for me. I got the fireplace fired up and glowin' now and myself stretched out in the big-easy watchin' out the window at the snow just a-whistlin' and a-blowin' 'round the corners of the old cabin and listening to Zeeza feeling the Luskville mountains calling her up on Highway 148 where she's been tryin' to make a living 'out of California dreams'. Zeeza paints a string of wistful pictures on the canvas of this beautiful song then spins them into words and verses in a metaphoric story-telling way while accompanying herself every now and then with her soulful Quebecois Countrified vocals and her acoustic guitar picking out a poignant melody in the background. Listening to this soulful troubadour, you get the feeling that right here she is content with herself and her place in the world livin' on liquid love 'ridin' with whiskey dreams in a rusty black Cadillac' 'kickin' high-fives for peace in a Pontiac'. What more could you possibly want from a singer-songwriter. The imagery is contagious in this beautiful song. Welcome to Legendary Music, Zeeza. I sure do miss old Rascal though. He and I wrote a lot of songs together.

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