Father TimeFlounder
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Stella's Fellas


You waited for your time to come as it swiftly passed you by
Do you remember when you thought you'd give it a try ?
Now you are lost in the shadows of life as you watch all your dreams just die
You're a fish out of water but the world is a lake
You twist and you turn and you might not be left dry

Progress is slow, as if you didn't know
Oh, the years roll by while you just flounder
How can you possibly muster the strength to keep on
You can get out your hoe, and make the flowers grow
or you can sit and watch your lame ass flounder

Another new beginning now, and you know you blew it before
Do you remember when you started to want something more ?
Now that your wallpaper's starting to fade and you have no idea what's in store
it's a tired little town, but your heart is awake
Just look straight ahead and you're halfway out the door

Your prospects are low, as if you didn't know
as all living creatures watch you flounder
Hard to believe that your spirit might still be intact
Better get out your hoe, and make the garden grow
cause the world is turning as you flounder

There is no hard luck storyteller who didn't make mistakes
Do you remember the chances that you didn't take ?
Now you regret all the years that you spent
when you didn't know what was at stake
Get a hold of yourself and just look what you've learned
The school of hard knocks might've been your biggest break

Your life, it does blow, as if you didn't know
Can you please do something more than flounder
Hitting yourself in the head might just turn you around
Blood will flow, so let the monkey go
I can't take no more of this flounder, flounder

All you're ever gonna do is flounder
All you, all you've ever done and all you're ever gonna do is flounder
Are you ever gonna do anything but flounder ?
Well ?

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Stella's Fellas
Hard and soft at the same time

Nice catch, Father Time! Great lyrics too! -M-

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