JillianneOnce in a heart
Alternative Pop RockHyperLink
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Thursday, March 09, 2017 6:22:21 AM
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Thursday, March 09, 2017 6:33:22 AM


Powerful Orchestral piano ballad with different styles incorporated leading to gentle conclusion

Intro - Love is the thing - no-one can say what joy it will bring - once it is in your heart

Once in a heart, a love will never die
It lives and breathes, you feel it every day
Love is quite insatiable and it demands so much
Like a baby bird waiting to be fed in a hungry clutch

Once in a heart a love never dies
Tell it to leave and forever it will stay
Love is stubborn, loves stays put, a martyr to the cause
Like an eagle digging in you skin with its mighty claws

Outro - Once a love has found a home, it will never leave you alone - most precious possession you'll ever own - love is the thing
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