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Saturday, March 18, 2017 4:04:14 PM
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Saturday, March 18, 2017 4:05:49 PM
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Stuck In Your Head

When I was a boy
I was a wild pup
I barely would try
And then I'd give it up

So where have you been hiding all my life?

I got a good whiff
Jumped up on my feet
I grew me a Ringo
Built a better beat

And here we are again
Old with bigger mouths
I'll tell you my friend
I'm dyin' to find out

'Round every little corner of your mind
I'm gonna see there hiding
Hi There
Maybe I'll come in handy one day
When you find you're having a nightmare
I'm gonna do it to you like you knew it
Just in time when we get the boat there

Meanwhile on the other side of the dream
People made of cardboard and they're lookin' at me

I'm stuck in your head
It's stickin' on mine
I'm checkin' my watch
It's tickin' the time

I'd know what to say
But never did find out

I'm indigo blue, I'm lookin' at you
I happen to see you noticing too

I'm workin' all day
And half the bloody night
The mission's the same
We gotta get it right
I lived in your heart
But since you shut me out
I'm stuck in your head
You'll never get me out

All I want is the American Dream
A house
A car
A spaceship
Seems a little like I have seen your face
But I still can't place it
Face it
All we know is what we get to see
Only win a race when we pace it...


Full Stop

I'm thinkin' of you
(Stuck in your head)
I'm thinkin' for two...

Wherever you go
(Wherever you go oh oh)
You know that I know

And whether you know
Very much or not
You've got it to go
Served it piping hot
Now every day you wear it with a pout
I'm stuck in your head
You'll never get me out

I'm stuck in your head....

Copyright 2017 ~ BEATLESEX

Song Comments

This song reminds me of 1964 which is of course long before I was born. I was at this diner called the Bright Star. My older sister Polly had taken me along on one of her dates because she didn't want our mom to know she was going out with a boy. They gave me dimes to play pinball to keep me busy and I had a great time, they played songs like this on the jukebox.

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