The Coming of AgeThe World Was Ours
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Eve's Hooky Cookie


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Once in awhile you hear them saying these are better days
Looking at their little screens, they seem to carry on
Meanwhile you read some weird guy say on social media
Those days are gone, gone, gone

The world was ours, oh we had it all back then
The world was ours, and it never would be again
The world was ours, yeah we seemed to have everything
The world was ours, we had no clue what the future would bring

All my friends on facebook seem to know we are in times
when every loss we take in life just comes at such a cost
We still remember when our hopes and dreams were on the rise
but now they're lost, lost, lost, lost

The world was ours, we absorbed the summer heat
The world was ours, oh how easy our problems were beat
The world was ours, the possibilites were endless as the sky
The world was ours, when we used to get so high

I picked you up in my car
and the music was good,
I thought that I should run away with you
and paint the world blue
but I never knew at the time yeah I was blind
that when things are new
the things that seem true
they tend to not last
it happens so fast
that one day you care
the next it's not there
it's really not fair
cause we were a pair

Inspiration only comes now when there's nowhere left
to park our weary spirits in their shame
but then another day comes round, no magic within site
it's always the same, same, same

Back then I never thought about How things would end
I can shut my eyes And put myself right there, Girl Even now
I was so much different But no I'm still the same
Just waitin' for the one And chasing magic all the while with a smile

The world was ours, what happened to our youth
The world was ours, but we came face to face with the truth
The world was ours, we used to ride so fast
The world was ours, but it looks like our heyday is past.

The world was ours, we had freedom and liberty
The world was ours now there ain't nothing left there to see
The world was ours we have pictures that show what was
The world was ours and we won't look at them now because
Song Comments

Eve's Hooky Cookie
reminds me of MTV. Yes they do look at their little screens a lot, don't they. Great lyrics!

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