InzieeDear Mom
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Saturday, April 15, 2017 7:28:34 AM
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Saturday, April 15, 2017 7:31:47 AM
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Lyrics - Ramiz & Inziee
Produced by - Inziee
Engineered by - Inziee
Studio - Samalay

This song is the solo version of my previous collaborative project "MOTHER". This song is a prayer to my mom whom I lost when I was 2 and it's kinda about the struggle and hardship in my life which might have been a little easy if she was there. Dedicated to my mom
Keep staring at your vision was never our our mission
You chose to close your eyes,
Never taught me to tell lies
Now I feel so alone, cuz you're away, you're gone
Couldn't forget the way you treated me when I came from my school
Running to the corridors
Breaking your rules
You Raised me with your hands
Also scolded me when I played with mud and sand
now all I remember is your Echo faded on the wall
And your blessing fall when I did something wrong
Will I ever get a chance to sit back and cry on your shoulders
God help me through so now I play this song as an honour to you
I make this promises which will never have to be broken like my girl did
I know how it feels but my mum taught me to be a human not to be a thief
All messed up in a fight like she said this ain't right
Now I am sorry I never told you how much I love you
And I know it's late but you know that the life started
If you got no struggle if you never break your bone you won't win through
It's not the way it's always been through
But for every day you left me I learnt a lesson how it feels to miss you
And I pray everyday wherever you are we are with you
Dear mum i am letting to hold my hand if you wish to

Hold me again wont you please come back
Scold me again wont you please come back
Love me again wont you please come back
Wont you please come back
Mom please come back

I was 2 years old when the story began
I keep looking for you mother in this photographs left
You should have thought what would I do all alone
I wanted your love but you were long long gone
In this world
I was just starting to live
And the people said b******* that I had to believe
Hoping that someone would bring me back from school
Hiding avoid I feel like a fool
And now I am 22 f***** up without you
I guess I really
I really really need you
This things inside my head
I wish that I was dead
The thought of life always keeps me getting mad
I really need you
And I need you
I never told them how really lonely I am
I miss those lullabies
Couldn't even say goodbye
Writing some stupid rap
Cuz big boys don't cry x
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