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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 5:42:05 AM
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Sunday, April 30, 2017 2:02:24 AM
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Our model for this song, or at least my model, was Tame Impala's "Let it Happen." One of my favorite bands these days. Now, you may listen and not detect a smidgen of Tame Impala. I'm having trouble hearing much of that influence myself. But trust me, it was the inspiration. Anyway, to me, another kinda uncategorizable song. Could be rock, could be pop, could be alternative/indie, could be singer-songwriter. They don't have that category. If they did, that's probably the genre I'd pick for most of my songs.

Piano, shruti box, vocal: David Nyro
Bass: Marc Miller
Drums: Sean Lane
Electric guitar, Me19 (cello): Jakael Tristram
Engineer: Jakael
Producers: Jakael Tristram and David Nyro
Recorded at London Bridge Studios and various home studios, 2016

Okay, no surprise: another lost love break-up song. The lyrics tell the story. The love of my life hardened her heart and had moved on and was already looking for her next boyfriend. We were still living together - roommates, ugh- while I looked for a place to live. Meanwhile, I was TRYING to take the high road and let her go on with her life, be with someone else, etc. Trying to be all noble and shit. Hence the song's Bogie reference. (Humphrey Bogart, if you don't know. If you don't know who that is, try Google.)
Not that I had any say in the matter. The madness and dysfunction of relationships! We come into each other's lives, learn so much about each other, become part of each other's landscapes and heartscapes, share secrets, highs and lows and everything in between, only to be cast off with no say. Strangers to strangers. Full circle. Yes, accountable and culpable for our share, but at the end of the day, all that matters is our partner's perception and you have no say, no control, no power. That's why you better learn to really love yourself and be secure and rock-solid confident. Or, as I've done, just retire from relationships. It's a crap shoot and mostly, we don't succeed. Think about it. Would you fly on an airplane that only had about a 40% chance of making it to its destination? Of course not. No one would, not even adrenaline junkie daredevils. But that's what we all do every time we climb into the cockpit of a love affairplane. Or is that errorplane? And are we really in the cockpit? More like the baggage compartment, it sometimes feels like. Hmmm. Well, didn't intend to go so far down THIS runway. Thanks for listening...
I’ll Step Aside
© 2016 By David Nyro

There was a room, waiting there, unopened
Behind the door, live words, words unspoken
Open the door - Release the words
We know something is terribly broken

I know you’ve wrestled with this beast of changing colors
Caught in the twilight between dusk and dawn
though it might not show,
all those secret battles,
I know, I know.
I never ever wanted you to go,
Oh no, oh no . . .

I’ll step aside, I’ll open wide, I’ll be so nice,
‘cause I REALLY want your happiness
I’ll step aside, I’ll open wide, I’ll be so nice
‘cause I never want to see you suffering

You’ve weighed the world,
measured the light against the dark
We know how much you’ve wished me
to be the things that I am not
I know you’ve loved me
like no other, have tried to see it thru,
but living here in limbo is so very hard to do

I’ll step aside, I’ll open wide, I’ll be so nice,
‘cause I never want to see you suffering
I’ll understand, I’ll be a man, I’ll sacrifice
‘cause I’ve never been a graceful loser,
guess it’s time for me to Bogie up

We became two
I became you.
But then we became all about you
and me separately

I’ll understand, I’ll be a man, I’ll sacrifice,
‘cause I never wanna be the one to keep you
from the one who makes you happier
‘cause I never wanna be the one to keep
you from you from the one who makes you happier
‘cause I never wanna be the one to keep
you from you from the one who makes you happier,
‘cause I MOSTLY want your happiness . . .
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they got the stuff
This song was mostly really good, however there was a long section around the 3 minute mark that was hard on my ears.

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