Mindless HopeIn Our Own Words
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Saturday, April 22, 2017 12:30:30 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM


Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane, James Rivera, Justin Brown
Lyrics by Mark David and David Elliott III
Leads by Rob Covello – (8:37 – 8:40, 8:45 – 8:48, 8:56 – 9:00, 9:42 – 10:05, 10:33 – 11:00)

It has been millennia since the Discoverer fled his homeland. Those who remained kept a record of events leading to their demise, later found. They were deceived. Justice was delivered swiftly. They waited for the one who spoke the truth to deliver them from their grisly end. They waited in vain…
Find and read closely
For these words will serve as a warning to prevent catastrophe
To those who read this:
It’s probably been awhile since our sun blew up and burned us all
Save for the One who thought to flee

His words revealed what leaders hide
They said He lied
The way they did, the facts that they denied has cost us all our lives…
He weighed those facts and looked inside
An illusion in our mind
Has blinded us to what they’re sayin’, our death is certain

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know where to begin

Our patience has run thin as they threw our lives away
But we didn’t know it was too late

He said that everyone will die,

Our time to act is nigh

Their lies have started war!

We’re running out of time

He went away from here,

Said He couldn’t stay to watch us die
That our sun was going to explode

He left without a word and peacefully
Vowing to let the Universe lead Him on…

And stop an involuntary change

I heard He asked if they could feed His fish and water all His weed…

Possibilities, an endless landscape
No limits are offered, gravity He escapes
Continue His journey exploring a new place
Resolve to go where He can hide His face
Where they will never see His face

Wonder where He’s been or if He’s alive
We listen desperately to people who tell us lies
Our patience has reached a point of strife till help arrives

Anybody out there listening to our cries?
Anyone to help us to survive?
Orange skies aflame
Cinders pouring down like rain
And our only option is the pain

Our resources disappear, rivers drying up, we’re thirsty…
Earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting plumes of ash

Fire everywhere! Sent from up above to punish all
No! The fault lies with those who swore to protect us
Their inaction has given us cause to start a brawl
So it’s about damn time, in Him we trust!

We just burned our bridge and we fan the flame to spread along
We followed a total lunatic
We’ve been pushed past the brink of turning back
The only difference, you’re wrong

Thought you would hide underneath the ground, not above

But your yellow cowardice shines

Like the gold you love

The division of your bones

Gonna plant the roses for your funeral, at least it was kinda quick
Unlocking a new realm of existence where your souls are spared from our reality

Our story’s different through your eyes
There’s no difference between the truth and lies

This narrative gives you a brief glimpse of our lives
A sense of how we died

A government corrupted and One who stood up to them

If only the rest had tried… x
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