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Friday, May 05, 2017 1:26:59 AM
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Friday, May 03, 2019 11:13:16 AM
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Every person has a gift to share, even when they are shadowed in doubt - so what will your gift be?

Lorraine Kozak singer songwriter composer recorded at Harmonia Studios East Sussex UK by Music Mogul/Producer, Voe Saint Clare
Cover artwork by Lorraine Kozak

I had the privilege of working with people who were in doubt about their abilities through mental and or physical issues. This is a song about believing in ones self by being brave to live life to the fullest, no matter what gift you share - you are loved
Whatchagonna do about it huh huh, say
whatchagonna do with your life- its your life..kick it off
hey yeh, you try to hide your feelings - deny your self expression
For fear of our detection
All's fair in love and war - when you cant take any more
but im sure I can give you so much hope huh huh
Whatchagonna do about it? huh huh whatchagonna do with your life its your life
Dont hold back- dont fight it
Dont hold back - dont hide it
Come over here and sit right next to me yeah
Shes treated you so bad - it makes an honest man feel sad
But im sure i can give you so much more
Whatchyagonna do about it huh? Whatchagonna do with your life?
wHATCHAGONNA DO ABOUT IT HUH HUH So whatchagonna do with your life. its your life- its your love- its your life
Kiss me x
Why did it have to take so long for you to believe you can belong with everything you are you are you are you are SO....
chorus till fade x
Song Comments

hey, kickin' vocal and shuffle beat, w backing vocals, tasteful and big production sounds, kinda pat benatar or early slick vibe mayhaps here and there, kudos...

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I love the vocal sounds. Reminds me of Shirley Manson's attitude and sexiness but not with her sound so this is not a copy of anything.

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