Ruth GarnesGo Away
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Thursday, May 11, 2017 4:58:54 PM
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Monday, May 15, 2017 4:36:18 PM
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The song echo the unspoken words of one over an attacker.

Music created by paramount songs.

This song was inspired after an incident where Rapper 50 cent mistakenly thought an autistic man was high as opposed to suffering from a disorder. As a parent of children with challenges I was greatly moved and wrote the lyrics to this song.
I keep hearing the mean things you said.
Your words keep repeating, they play in my head.
I had nowhere to go but you made me wanna hide.
Because of struggles, many days I curled up and cried.

Go away, go away, but don’t fill me with shame.
I’m nothing more than a pawn in your game.
Go away, go away, I’m just trying to survive.
But hash words and bullying has claimed many lives.

I didn’t want to live life locked in.
You formed your conclusion without question
You believed I chose to look the way that I do.
I didn’t and I wouldn’t choose to behave like you.

I’m grown up but inside I’m a kid.
And that doesn’t cause some to bat an eyelid.
You need to know that’s how it’ll always be for me.
With Autism I’ll live and I’ll never be really free.

copyright 2015 by Ruth Garnes/ paramount songs
Song Comments

eYe 2
Stellar fingerstyle picking on that guitar, wonderful singing and powerful lyrics. Solid songcrafting love the organic quality of this song. Sometimes less is more in this case the singing and playing take care of it very well

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