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Saturday, July 29, 2017 1:18:41 AM
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Saturday, July 29, 2017 1:56:56 AM
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Make America Great Again


Captain America, is a patriotic anthemic pop/rock song that asks each of us to find our inner superhero.

Music and Lyrics by Nicki Kris and Kevin McNoldy

We are all or can be “Captain America” in our daily lives. We can be kind, we can be courageous, we can be inclusive, we can aid the weak, help those less fortunate, we can be tolerant, we can accept, we can fight for equality, we can denounce hate, we can help one another, we can support human rights, we can forgive, and most importantly we can love.

One voice may not be heard, but millions together will not be silenced.
See the boy turn quickly into a man
Wants to do what's right the best that he can
His strength is something that we've never seen before
Fighting the unknown an unwinnable war

Created to stand the test of time
A solider who could get behind enemy lines
He believes that peace will find a way 
Where is Captain America to save today

See the ground littered with all our broken dreams 
Can we all step aside and wipe the slate clean
We keep reliving a history of violence
Is there a sign of hope on the horizon


Perseverance fighting for the good of us all
For all god's creatures both big and small
He can help bring peace, come on light the way
Captain America come save today

Chorus Repeat
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Make America Great Again
To all those who love America, be patriots MAGA

eYe 2
eYe just bring peace, come on light the way for brighter days

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